3 Ways to Develop Loyal Customers

What is the difference between a satisfied customer and a loyal customer?

A few months ago, I was having an issue with my car. I took it to a shop that was just a few minutes away from our office. They fixed the issue, communicated with me promptly, and sent me on my way. It was a good experience. I was satisfied.

A few weeks later, I had another issue pop up and took my car back to the same shop. They called me with a quote that seemed a little high, so I did what anyone would do, I called my …Read More

Setting Yourself Apart from the Big Box Stores

With manufacturers jamming more and more dealers into a marketplace, your product lines are no longer a unique advantage. Big Box stores are now picking up lines of equipment that have in the past only been available at select dealerships. To set yourself apart from the business down the road, you can no longer rely on your brands. You have to work to create a unique experience that your competitors can’t easily duplicate.

1. Understand what makes you different and unique
People will pay more for what they perceive as different or unique. Why would a vase from the Ming Dynasty of China …Read More

Stop The Bleeding- Pt. 1

An excerpt from Bob's upcoming book, "The 7 Principles of a High Performance Dealership".

Is your dealership bleeding?  Is it a small cut or is it losing blood by the pint?  Perhaps your business is on the brink of losing its life?  I meet dealers across the country whose businesses are on the equivalent of life support – struggling each day to simply keep the doors of their business open.  The names and locations of those dealers change, but the words they use to describe where they are at are universal. Anxious. Frustrated. Exhausted.  Angry. Guilty. Worn out. 

If you are among the …Read More

Holiday Bonuses

It’s the most wonderful time of the year … to be an employee, right?
Christmas Bonuses… What is an owner supposed to do about Christmas bonuses? This is a question that we are often asked around this time of the year, so let’s break down our point of view on Christmas bonuses.
First, we don’t do Christmas bonuses at BCI and it’s not because we are a bunch of scrooges. Instead, we have seen that incentives, often based upon performance, can be a great motivator throughout the year. Every employee should have a bonus plan built for their job role. We have …Read More

An Excerpt from the New DVD Training Program “The Complete Dealership Transformation©”

Sales – Objections and the Trial Close
Objections are a natural part of the selling process. I don’t care who you are or how good you are, objections are going to creep in at some point during your presentation. Think about it.  All people tend to resist their point of view being changed.  Even though they come into your dealership looking to make a purchase, there are still some that need to be convinced that making a new purchase is a good decision for them to make.

To determine where the customer is at in the process, we do what is called …Read More

Do Uniforms Matter?

Did you know that clothing, or more specific, uniforms in the workplace, have a much more powerful impact than you might first think? Fair or not, people judge businesses by what they see and that includes the appearance of our employees, including the way they are dressed. We all know it’s true, customers form opinions about us based on what we and the people who work at your dealership are wearing.  We look at how people are dressed and decide if they are professional, organized, or concerned with the image they are presenting to the world.   In our line of …Read More

Inventory on Hand

Today, it makes no sense for a dealership to maintain a large parts inventory, or stock ten of the same item, because manufacturers have greatly improved their ability to get you the parts you need when you need them. Twenty years ago, it took almost 30 days to get a part, and now you can get a part delivered to you in one to four days. Think how that changes your approach to deciding on the number of any particular part item you should keep on hand. Twenty years ago, you may have had to carry eight different carburetors in …Read More

Making a Good First Impression

Years ago, all stores looked about the same, and customers didn’t have much of an opportunity to compare one to the other. In today's world, like it or not, the days of being just "okay" are over. Potential customers immediately make a decision to do business with you based upon the exterior of your dealership.

From the very beginning, it is important to make the experience with your dealership as painless as possible. This includes making sure your customers can see your store hours posted on your window from their car, and that your lot is properly lit. Based upon various studies conducted over the years, a little …Read More

The Importance of Triage

During the triage process and for most outdoor power equipment, a technician allows himself 10-15 minutes to look over a piece of equipment to see if he can figure out why it is not working properly. He will also determine what parts he will need to complete the job.

In our dealership process, the Service Coordinator does a “pre-triage” before passing the piece of equipment on to the technician. The Service Coordinator looks over and evaluates areas that do not require a technical background, such as checking the oil, air filter, tire pressure, and load testing the battery. Doing this helps …Read More

The Service Coordinator

Looking for a Service Coordinator, but unsure where to start because you don't know what the job truly entails? Do you have a Service Coordinator, but do not know what responsibilities (s)he should have? Here is a comprehensive list of things to keep in mind when hiring or appointing a Service Coordinator:

Target Responsibilities

Stage equipment for service techs throughout the day.
Prepare the triage process for both morning and afternoon.
Check in equipment, and tag with red ribbon.
Load and unload the equipment your customers are picking up or dropping off for the day.
Keep equipment staging areas organized.
Thoroughly clean equipment before bringing into the …Read More