The Game of Dodgeball and What it Says about your Personality

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The Game of Dodgeball and What it Says about your Personality
I hate losing! So much so in fact, that if you were to ask my brother what it was like to play a board game with me growing up, he would roll his eyes and tell you the stories of how I was terrible of a loser. This wasn't just a pout in the corner. This was quit-in-the-middle-of-the game because there is no way I was going to win and then I refuse-to play-with-him-again mad. While I still hate losing (and refuse to play any board games,) I …Read More

The Cost of a Bad Hire

My passion is to help small businesses succeed. At BCI, it’s what makes our Monday morning meetings fun and full of life. Your success stories are the coffee in our veins on Monday mornings, and there really is coffee running through our veins too. Seriously, you should see how much coffee we go through in a day!

However, I know for you to succeed you often have to get through challenges. One of the biggest challenges that we hear over and over again is finding and hiring key people for your companies. Man, this isn't easy is it? The truth is …Read More