Energizing the Next Generation

Many of you are just like us: a family business. Maybe your kids aren’t in the business yet, but you hope that one day they will be.

When I joined BCI, I did it because I needed a job. It wasn’t because I was necessarily passionate about what I was getting ready to do, but I was passionate about the paycheck I was going to receive. You see, being a part of BCI wasn’t my life plan. I grew up hearing about the ups and downs of the company. I was hired on many occasions as a kid to stuff boxes …Read More

Dealing With Difficult Customers

When visiting with owners & managers, I like to ask them how they got started in their business.  The stories I hear are diverse & interesting but typically most of the reasons they give have some commonality to them.  For example, some started their business because they saw a need in their community, others began because they were passionate about the product or service they provide, and some simply stumbled into it!  However, in the all of these conversations, I have NEVER – not once - heard someone say they started their business because they had a desire to deal …Read More

“It’s Easier if I Just Do it Myself!”

“It’s easier if I just do it myself!”

If you are anything like me, this is a common phrase that comes to mind, multiple times a day. People make things complicated, and I know I will like the end result if no one else is involved.

While in theory it would be wonderful if there were a thousand of me running around, it may not be as effective as I think.

I recently read a book that was talking about growing your business and it said that if you want to grow your business by 20%, than you have to …Read More

What is the Cure for the Common Employee Headache?

What is the Cure for the Common Employee Headache?

Two Aspirin OR an Employee Handbook!

Do you have an employee handbook?  When was the last time it was updated or given to employees?  I know it is a bit time-consuming, but trust us, it is well worth your time and effort.

An employee handbook will not make you more money, but it will eliminate a lot of headaches. Most small business owners dislike dealing with employee issues. A handbook helps.

Why a Handbook is Helpful

An Employee Handbook Speaks for You. An employee handbook answers questions about things such as time off, dress codes, …Read More

5 Signs that You have an Employee that is Holding You Hostage

5 Signs that You have an Employee that is Holding You Hostage

Have you ever been in a situation that you were so deep in the day-to-day issues of your business that you didn’t see what was going on inside your own walls? Or maybe, you know what is happening inside your own walls but always say that you will deal with the issue later in hopes that it will just disappear. Regardless of where you are on the spectrum, we all have times that we struggle with our employees. Sometimes the struggle is more than just a disagreement; sometimes it …Read More

Hiring Outside of the Box

Knowing where to look for employees is one of the biggest struggles we hear from small business owners on a daily basis. It seems that the "traditional" ways are cumbersome, time consuming, and often result in high turnover, costing lots of money.

I recently read an article explaining that Microsoft assumes that the best candidates are not looking for new jobs. Actually, if a candidate reaches out to them, that candidate is less desirable. I don't know about you, but I assume that Microsoft probably has their hiring processes fine-tuned. If that is the assumption they make, we can probably make …Read More

The Game of Dodgeball and What it Says about your Personality

Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner
The Game of Dodgeball and What it Says about your Personality
I hate losing! So much so in fact, that if you were to ask my brother what it was like to play a board game with me growing up, he would roll his eyes and tell you the stories of how I was terrible of a loser. This wasn't just a pout in the corner. This was quit-in-the-middle-of-the game because there is no way I was going to win and then I refuse-to play-with-him-again mad. While I still hate losing (and refuse to play any board games,) I …Read More

The Cost of a Bad Hire

My passion is to help small businesses succeed. At BCI, it’s what makes our Monday morning meetings fun and full of life. Your success stories are the coffee in our veins on Monday mornings, and there really is coffee running through our veins too. Seriously, you should see how much coffee we go through in a day!

However, I know for you to succeed you often have to get through challenges. One of the biggest challenges that we hear over and over again is finding and hiring key people for your companies. Man, this isn't easy is it? The truth is …Read More

Is It Time To Add Another Parts Person?

Here is a riddle I would like for you to solve. What is the one thing you always think you have enough of, but always end up having too many? The answer? A parts person.

You know the drill during season. You have ten people standing in line at the parts counter, all the phones are ringing, a service tech is burning valuable time, and every one of them is waiting to get help from a parts person. Then, within 30 minutes, everyone is gone, and you have parts people hanging out with what appears to be little, if anything, to …Read More

Do Uniforms Matter?

Did you know that clothing, or more specific, uniforms in the workplace, have a much more powerful impact than you might first think? Fair or not, people judge businesses by what they see and that includes the appearance of our employees, including the way they are dressed. We all know it’s true, customers form opinions about us based on what we and the people who work at your dealership are wearing.  We look at how people are dressed and decide if they are professional, organized, or concerned with the image they are presenting to the world.   In our line of …Read More