What is the Cure for the Common Employee Headache?

What is the Cure for the Common Employee Headache?

Two Aspirin OR an Employee Handbook!

Do you have an employee handbook?  When was the last time it was updated or given to employees?  I know it is a bit time-consuming, but trust us, it is well worth your time and effort.

An employee handbook will not make you more money, but it will eliminate a lot of headaches. Most small business owners dislike dealing with employee issues. A handbook helps.

Why a Handbook is Helpful

An Employee Handbook Speaks for You. An employee handbook answers questions about things such as time off, dress codes, …Read More

Destination: no-where?

Nearly half of all new businesses fail within the first few years.  Not too encouraging, is it?  What sets apart those who succeed from those who don’t?  Well, there are several factors but some of the most important ones include having a plan, creating solid internal processes, hiring and retaining great employees and keeping your eye on the goal to generate profit and grow your business.

Even if you are a seasoned business or business owner, it might be time to reflect on your business plan.  A business plan is an important roadmap for a dealership’s success.  Make sure you and …Read More

Winning At Management

Great managers have discovered that the secret to success in their departments is what they do during the first 30 minutes and the last 30 minutes of every day. As a manager, your number one goal is to produce strong profits and give your customers an exceptional experience with the dealership. Whether you are managing service, parts, sales or rental, you are going to achieve those goals by focusing on motivating and communicating to your team.
It starts and ends each day with a “coach in the locker room” talk with your team. As you think …Read More

Working with a Different Generation and Not Losing Your Mind

Working with people who are different than you is tough, right? Especially if they are family! One of the things that we hear time and time again about the challenges of family business, and small business in general is the frustration of working with different generations. Currently, there are three different generations present in they workforce with a fourth getting ready to join. Understanding how each generation works together is vital to the success of small business.

With 3-4 distinct groups of people who each have a completely different understanding about how the world works, there is a lot of …Read More

How We Deal With Family Business

My dad started Bob Clements International over 30 years ago. Small business is all I have known since I was a kid.  Like any small business, I have seen the ups and downs. We have had many vacations that were coupled with meetings; that was “normal” to me. If you would have asked me, up until about a year after I graduated from college, if I would have joined the family business my answer would have been a resounding “HECK NO!”  After my husband and I got married and had our twins, my dad asked me if I would be …Read More

Setting Yourself Apart from the Big Box Stores

With manufacturers jamming more and more dealers into a marketplace, your product lines are no longer a unique advantage. Big Box stores are now picking up lines of equipment that have in the past only been available at select dealerships. To set yourself apart from the business down the road, you can no longer rely on your brands. You have to work to create a unique experience that your competitors can’t easily duplicate.

1. Understand what makes you different and unique
People will pay more for what they perceive as different or unique. Why would a vase from the Ming Dynasty of China …Read More

Stop The Bleeding- Pt. 1

An excerpt from Bob's upcoming book, "The 7 Principles of a High Performance Dealership".

Is your dealership bleeding?  Is it a small cut or is it losing blood by the pint?  Perhaps your business is on the brink of losing its life?  I meet dealers across the country whose businesses are on the equivalent of life support – struggling each day to simply keep the doors of their business open.  The names and locations of those dealers change, but the words they use to describe where they are at are universal. Anxious. Frustrated. Exhausted.  Angry. Guilty. Worn out. 

If you are among the …Read More

BCI’s 7 Principles of a High Performing Dealership©

An Overview of
BCI's 7 Principles of a High Performing Dealership©
Over the years that my team and I have been working with dealers, one of the most common questions that we get asked is, "What makes a dealership successful?" We have had hundreds of conversations with both dealers and manufacturers about what we believe makes a dealer successful and the road map to get there. Through those conversations I have put together the 7 Principles of High Performance Dealership ©. These are the things that a dealership needs to embody to truly become a High Performing Dealership.

Stop the bleeding. There …Read More

Make the Most of the Off Season- Webinar Q&A

"Make The Most of the Off Season" Webinar Q&A

How do you get customers to bring in their products before they put it in the shed for the winter?
Running winter service special is the best way to get customers into the service department! We encourage dealers to offer one of these things. Free power washing, discount on parts or service, free pickup and delivery. As long service departments, should advertise that they will do a full look over of the equipment and if anything is under warranty it will be taken care of.

What can we do as a team to make …Read More

Holiday Bonuses

It’s the most wonderful time of the year … to be an employee, right?
Christmas Bonuses… What is an owner supposed to do about Christmas bonuses? This is a question that we are often asked around this time of the year, so let’s break down our point of view on Christmas bonuses.
First, we don’t do Christmas bonuses at BCI and it’s not because we are a bunch of scrooges. Instead, we have seen that incentives, often based upon performance, can be a great motivator throughout the year. Every employee should have a bonus plan built for their job role. We have …Read More