Would you like to improve your profitability and processes but don’t know where to start? Consider having a BCI advisor visit your dealership for a half-day diagnostic visit. While there, we will analyze your key profit centers and provide a complete evaluation of your processes, set up and efficiencies.

During our diagnostic visit we look closely at:
•Your shop processes
•Your parts (inventory & pricing)
•Your whole-goods marketing strategies
•Your employees and compensation

From this diagnostic process, we develop a full report (to be sent after the visit) outlining
procedures and steps that will improve your profitability. Things that you do may well
receive a suggested "tweak", and where there are gaps observed, we suggest changes that can help elevate dealership profits.

The report comes in the form of a proposal explaining how we can work with you in a
“hands-on” improvement project as a furtherstep if you choose to do so.

Pricing includes standard travel expenses.



The 2-4 Day Tune-Up Visit is designed for dealerships familiar with the BCI service and parts processes and who are willing take the next steps in implementing the BCI System in their store. During the on-site visit, the dealership will work with a BCI Advisor in training and implementing the BCI Processes. This may include working with compensation packages, answering questions regarding service and parts processes and assisting with management and employee issues.

The visit may include the following:
•Evaluate & improve shop processes
•Adjust parts department to improve inventory turns and gross on OEM parts
•Create whole-goods service packages and pricing strategies
•Implement other initiatives unique to your dealership

This package is for dealerships that have attended BCI Boot Camp and watched the BCI Creating a High Performance Dealership training system or have previously had a BCI advisor in your dealership as part of a 5 day dealer development program.

*Additional charges may include: materials/supplies, shipping and travel expense.



If you are ready to roll up your sleeves and implement changes that will transform your business, then the Dealer Development Program is for you.

During this week-long visit, a BCI advisor works hands-on with you and your people to
implement proven processes that will help you achieve a new level of success.

Customized goals for your dealership may include:
Improving your shop & parts processes
Evaluating pricing and inventory management
Creating a compensation program to help increase the efficiency of your entire dealership
Assistance with high-priority management issues

At the end of the week, both the dealerships service and parts departments will see significant improvements in both the flow of parts into and work coming out of the service department. The team members of both departments will have performance based compensation programs in place that will reinforce the processes and customers will begin to experience a heightened level of service and satisfaction from both departments and the dealership as a whole.

Pricing includes basic supply/materials package and standard travel expenses.