How it all Began

Growing up on a dairy farm in Northwest Missouri, Bob learned early the value of hard work and the commitment it takes to be a successful small business owner.  He got up early to milk the cows and maintain the family farm.  On the weekends, he headed into town to work at his grandfather’s service station where he realized the importance of taking great care of customers and how to operate a successful business.  Whether on the farm or at the gas station, when equipment broke, he learned to fix it and showed a clear aptitude for mechanics and engineering – a skill that he has utilized throughout his life.

After attending college, he & three partners began a typewriter sales & repair business.  (For those of you under 40, the typewriter came before the computer!)  After making a typewriter sale to a school or business, his company helped to do regular maintenance and repair on the machines. The typewriter industry quickly began to change with the introduction of computers and technology. In the mid 80’s, Bob’s best friend convinced him to change careers and join him in managing a local radio station.  In that role, he managed a sales team, sold radio advertising time and set-up promotions for business people in the community.  It was obvious that he had a flair for sales and a personality for on-air events and during that time he began to develop his sales training and speaking skills.

One of his all-time favorite sales trainers was Tom Hopkins, who at the time was a revered expert on selling.  In 1986, through a connection with a friend in Minneapolis, Bob was given the opportunity to become a trainer for the Minneapolis based Tom Hopkins Training Center Franchises.  Jumping at the chance, he and his wife, Sandy, loaded up the U-Haul and headed north and, after a few years, took over the franchise.  As the owner of the THTC, Bob began speaking and leading training workshops – loving every minute.  His speaking began to lead him back to industries that were focused on sales & service such as boating, agriculture, equipment, and face to face selling.

Over the next 10 years, Bob began working with owners and their sales people, giving them the tools they needed to achieve personal and financial freedom. In 1996, he and his family moved back near his childhood home and established Bob Clements International.

Along the Way

Back in Missouri, Bob had the opportunity to work with companies and industries that re-ignited his passion for sales & service.  As he worked with dealers and organizations across America, he began to see how fine-tuning the efficiencies of an operation, raising the bar on the management of staff and sales, and implementing processes in every department, both dealerships and manufacturers could see a significant increase in profitability and success.

Up to this point, Bob had been speaking to groups at live events and spending time on site with as many dealers as possible, but these venues had clear limitations.  He was working hard, but not reaching as many people as possible with the processes he had learned that could positively impact them and their lives.

The Re-launch of Bob Clements International

In 2011, Bob and his team began a re-launch of Bob Clements International and since that time, they have reached several landmarks that include hosting the GIE+EXPO’s Dealer Pavilion in Lexington, KY for over 5 years running, receiving two consecutive nominations for the American Honda Motor Corporations’ Premier Partner Award, re-launching Bob’s book, “The 8 Greatest Sales Secrets in the World”, completing the soon to-be released book, “The 7 Principles of a High Performance Dealership”, becoming a contributing editor for Rural Lifestyle Dealer Magazine and the establishment of Dealer Success Groups – a cutting-edge, affordable and personal way to take Bob’s principles and processes to dealers.   With a clear focus and passion for helping dealers transform their lives and their businesses, Bob Clements International is quickly becoming the industry’s go-to experts in service, sales, parts & management.

How we define success

Our success is found in the success of others.  When we have the opportunity to work with a dealer who, after years of struggle, has been able to turn his dealership around, finally showing a profit and breathing a sigh of relief, we know that we are doing work that matters.   Or when we work with a dealer who used to look at his service department as a necessary evil but is now realizing a significant income and impact on customer satisfaction because of the work they produce, we know that we are involved in work that matters. Sometimes, we are fortunate to work with dealers that are thriving but know they can reach new levels of success.  We’ve been able to help them successfully establish new locations, expand their markets & product lines and work to transition their businesses to the next generation.

In addition, the impact we are able to make often goes further than just the owners.  A business that is well-run impacts the employees who work there, their families and the people in the community.  We love that our roots are firmly planted in the small towns across America, a place where Bob began his journey and we are able to continue it today with business people who have planted their flag on Main Street USA.

Looking ahead

As we look ahead, our goal is to bring best practices to the industry – helping dealers and manufacturers reach new levels of success.  We leverage every form of technology and innovation possible to make what we offer affordable, accessible and relevant to this industry.  We operate based upon three core values: excellence, integrity and performance. As a team, we strive to:

  • deliver every product and service with excellence,
  • maintain a high standard of integrity and,
  • work to assist our dealers and manufacturers in achieving success.

For those who want more out of their business and life, we are honored to walk along-side you to help you achieve those goals.  Whether you are a manufacturer or a dealer and wherever you are at in the process of reaching your goals, let us know how we can help you take that next step in your journey.