Bob Clements

Bob is the president of Bob Clements International Inc., and a sought-after speaker who loves to challenge and motivate owners, managers, and salespeople to reach new levels of success.  Whether he is training sales people, working hands-on with managers and owners, helping service and parts department employees understand how to improve efficiency or assisting manufacturers in building up their dealer network, Bob’s passion for seeing dealers achieve success is unending.  Bob is the guiding force behind the BCI processes & principals. And, under his leadership, He and the BCI team strive to help dealers and manufacturers become more profitable, efficient and successful.

Sara Hey

As a keynote speaker and presenter at National Meetings, the GIE+EXPO and BCI’s Boot Camps, Sara helps owners and managers discover effective ways to manage, motivate and find key employees.  In addition to conducting webinars and traveling to national events, Sara works with key manufacturers and leads BCI’s product development.  Currently, she is working to launch BCI’s dealers-specific Learning Management System, The Dealer Classroom©, and promoting our upcoming Regional Management Boot Camps.

Brian Clements

Brian is BCI’s on-site dealer turn-around specialist.  Traveling across the US, Brian works hands-on with dealerships as they implement the BCI processes into their service, parts and sales department.  For the past 5 years, Brian has worked full-time with dealers doing what it takes to help them move their dealership to the next level.  His depth of knowledge and experience helps dealers as they work to maximize their resources:  employees, space, customer base, software and growth potential.

Jeff Blackton

With a commitment to excellence, Jeff works with BCI’s Dealers Success Group members, helping them to fine-tune their processes and reach their dealership goals.  Building strong relationships and holding owners and managers accountable to improving their numbers – in service, parts and sales – is the main focus of Jeff’s day.  As Jeff works with dealers, his goal is to help them improve their day-to-day operations and reach new levels of success.  In addition, Jeff hosts the monthly DSG meetings and assists in moderating live events and training for BCI.

Vanessa Clements

Vanessa is the driving force behind BCI’s on-line presence.  Her dedication to providing quality blogs, email blasts and articles to our dealers is seen each week by all those who jump on-line and read the content she sends out.  In addition to her work in overseeing on-line graphics and written materials, Vanessa also manages BCI’s Dealer Toolbox © assists with marketing mailers & advertising and manages the BCI website – helping our dealers get what they need when they need it!

Emily Jordan

With an eye for detail and a desire to connect with our dealers, Emily keeps BCI’s Dealer Success Group members updated regarding upcoming meetings, important links & information and she assists owners, managers & sales people as they register for boot camps and special events.  In addition to keeping in touch with our dealers, Emily assists the BCI team by managing and maintaining our internal records and dealer information so that we can be efficient and effective as we serve our dealers.  Emily also travels throughout the year, attending and assisting with our live events such as the BCI Boot Camps, GIE+EXPO and the NATDA National Meeting.

Kristen Chavez

Processes, management skills and tutorials all come to life in the hands of Kristen Chavez.  Blending creativity with the practical skills of videography, photography and editing, Kristen works to develop BCI’s on-line information that assists dealers in training their entire staff plus she contributes to the internal marketing and website needs of our organization.  With a solid grasp of the BCI processes, Kristen writes and develops courses for dealers, manufacturers and The Dealer Classroom©, BCI’s Learning Management System.

Sandy Clements

With over 30 years of experience, Sandy’s top responsibility is to guide the operations and direction of BCI.  With a sincere desire to see others succeed, she works to develop the BCI staff through weekly and quarterly staff meetings and is always looking for new and effective ways to bring the BCI processes and training to dealers around the world.  A portion of her time is also invested in BCI’s marketing, major events and the development of tools and products that will benefit our customers.