Sales Training

Comprehensive sales training is available now!  Sign up to attend the online, instructor led training that will equip your sales team to take your sales department to the next level.


Need a webcam?  Participation via webcam or computer camera is required. If you do not have camera capabilities, you may order a webcam here

Comprehensive sales training is available now!  Sign up to attend the online, instructor led training that will equip your sales team to take your sales department to the next level.

Registered participants will receive a downloadable workbook and join other salespeople in 2 on-line training classes led by Bob Clements, Sara Hey, and the BCI Dealer Development Team.  With a live stream training venue, your employees can attend right from your dealership!  The class is held in two parts, both are afternoon sessions from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM Central Time.  Additional employees can sit in on the training if using the same webcam, however only the registered employee will receive a certificate of completion.  There is a requirement of homework completion and participant engagement via webcam or computer video during both live sessions.  Webcams can be purchased in advance (see above).

Topics covered include:

  • Uncovering your unique selling proposition
  • Understanding buying habits
  • Building trust and confidence with customers.
  • Unlocking a customer’s learning style.
  • Selling to the 4 different personality types.
  • Achieving your sales goals by keeping your funnel full.
  • Developing a strong discovery process.
  • Fine tuning your walk-around strategy.
  • Creating “Yes” momentum with confirming and advancing questions.
  • Handling Objections
  • Creating negotiation packages
  • Closing the sale

Register today! Once you have registered, we will send you a registration email with the on-link to the meetings and a downloadable workbook.  We will also mail you a copy of the workbook and webcam if you have ordered one. After the completion of the training and verification of homework completion and attendance of both sessions, you will receive a certificate of completion from BCI.

After registering for the class dates of your choice and paying the registration fee, you will participate in the training from your dealership or home. All you will need is a computer with a camera or webcam. If you do not have a webcam, one can be purchased during the checkout process. You will download the materials and join us via the internet for a live, instructor-led training program. The program is conducted in two separate 5-hour sessions. An additional 2 hours will be required to complete homework between the two sessions.

All questions can be sent to our Live Event Training Coordinator, Hannah. Give us a call at 800.480.0737 or email her at

Simply reach out to Hannah. You can reach her at 800.480.0737 or email her at

We use a platform called zoom that is simple to use.  You will receive a link, via email.  Just click on the link and follow instructions.  If you have any problems, give us a call at 800-480-0737.

If you cannot attend the class you originally signed up for and, you will be given one opportunity to switch to a different class or date, assuming there are seats available in future classes.  Available seats are limited per class and are reserved on a first come, first served basis.  No guarantee of a seat in a different class date is assumed.  If you cancel more than once, you will be required to re-sign up for the class.

This program has 12 sections and will be interactive. Everyone is required to join via video and participate during the class. You will be given opportunities to respond and apply the information given. During the week between the two training sessions, participants will be given homework to complete and apply to their current sales processes.

The Sales Training takes a total of 12 hours to complete and is taken over two Friday afternoon plus time for homework completion. Participants will be given breaks throughout each of the sessions.

The investment is $795 per participant. You will receive a registration email, link to the live, on-line training, downloadable workbook, webcam and a Sales Training Certificate upon completion.

We will be glad to invoice you, however, the payment must be received prior to the start of the class and your seat will not be guaranteed until we receive payment. Once we receive payment, we will contact you to let you know if there are seats available for the class you have chosen. Contact to request an invoice. Payments may be sent to: Bob Clements Intl., Inc., PO Box 384, Liberty, MO 64069.

Our Live Event Training Coordinator is available if you need help with anything – trouble logging into the meeting, if you need a copy of your transaction receipt or anything else. We’re here for you!