How does it work?

Assessments measure a number of different things:

  1. Your DISC profile – This shows how you respond to different situations. (behavior)
  2. Your Motivators – Motivators influence why you respond to situations.
  3. Your Competencies – Soft skills and strengths that are developed.

Assessments are easy to use and only take about 20 minutes to complete. You will be sent a link and a password – it can all be completed online using a computer or even a mobile device!

For assessments to be most effective, don’t overthink your answers. Answer based upon your gut reaction.

Why do you need assessments?

We have customers from all walks of life and in many different industries use assessments.

Some ways our customers have used assessments include:

  • Hiring
  • Management
  • Family
  • Communication
  • Compensation
  • And more..

Today’s investment includes one hour of advising from a certified behavior analyst at BCI.

$125/per set