Do any of these statements describe your situation? 

  • My dealership is in chaos. I need processes and structure. 
  • We are in pretty good shape but want to keep improving.
  • I need help implementing processes in some or all our departments.
  • I feel isolated and have questions about what our next steps should be. 
  • I’m looking for a resource that will help me understand my numbers and help us generate a profit. 
  • I need someone to hold me accountable and establish boundaries that will not be compromised. 

Dealer Success Groups gives you the tools and resources you need to reach your goals.  

We help you implement processes, understand your numbers, stay accountable to achieving your goals, connect you with like-minded dealers, and walk you step-by-step as you work to achieve your goals. Our team will provide you with industry best practices and on-going training and tools your entire team can use.  

If stability, accountability, implementation, growth, or guidance is what you are after, DSG’s are for you. 

Utilizing all that BCI has to offer, you can be a part of a proven program that can help you achieve a new level of success.

I am an Equipment Dealer interested in Dealer Success Groups 


When you join DSG’s, you become a member of a group of dealers who are committed to growth, learning and change. DSG memberships do not require a long-term contract or agreement. As a DSG member, you will have a recurring charge of $449 per month which you can cancel with just a 30-day notice.  

After you register, we will schedule a short call with you using an on-line conferencing system. We dig right in and find out what you are needing to achieve and map out a plan to get you there. Then we get to work, walk alongside you and are available to you throughout the process.  

This process is supported by engaging and informative (and even fun!) monthly meetings and workshops with other dealers and department managers. If you want to have your people grow and learn, workshop week is a great resource. We can help them effectively manage margins, improve customer service, and increase efficiency and sales.  

Plus, all DSG members have full access to the BCI Dealer Toolbox © that includes downloadable documents and department specific training.  

Finally, for those who are wanting to engage on a broader level, you can join the exclusive DSG Facebook group where you can ask other dealers questions, share ideas, and see what they are doing to be successful. 

DSG’s are a lot like going to a gym. If you are willing to commit to the process, the gym and its staff have all the resources and expertise you will need to achieve your goals.  

Are you ready to reach a new level of success?

Helping Dealers Achieve Success