Field Sales Team

Helping field salespeople
grow rockstar dealer networks.

Field Sales Team Training

Helping field salespeople
grow rockstar dealer networks.

Let Bob Clements and Sara Hey train your
field sales team, virtually!


Per Field Salesperson

What’s included in the program:

This online program is comprised of twelve 45-minute sessions that will be useful to move towards a
common goal: to develop comprehensive growth plans for three dealers. Your field sales team will be given
access to a Google workbook that will be used in conjunction with the course.

Sessions One–Three

Session One: Time-Attention-Action
In session one, we set the base by looking at which dealers have the potential to grow and identify where they are on the time, attention, and action spectrum.

Session Two: Dealership Health
How healthy are your dealers? In this session, we dive into the ten questions you should be asking your dealers to determine their long-term health.

Session Three: Developing Foolproof Dealership Communication Plans
Communicating with your dealers in a way that makes sense to them is a critical element in growing your dealer. In session three, we dive into the learning styles of the key decision-makers in a dealership and guide you in developing a communication plan for each.

Sessions Four–Six

Session Four: Taking Down the Competition
Do you know who your dealer’s competitors REALLY are? Could their biggest competitor be themselves? In session four, we walk through a SWOT analysis for each of your dealers and how they can get out of their own way for growth.

Session Five: Creating Marketing Plans That Will Increase Market Share
Marketing and co-op are words that often send chills up and down the spines of dealers and field salespeople. In this session, you will walk through a sample marketing budget that will give you tools to broach the conversations around marketing with your dealers.

Session Six: Market Share Growth Strategies
There are few words that will elicit a bigger reaction in the dealership space as the words “market share.” In session six, Bob and Sara will cover how you can not only have conversations around market share but also cover proven strategies to help your dealers grow their market share!

Sessions Seven–Nine

Session Seven: Avoiding Dealership Landmines
In any situation, there are always triggers that are sitting under the surface that can make or break your time with dealers. In this session, we will cover how to uncover these landmines and set yourself up for a successful dealership visit every single time.

Session Eight: Should Your Dealer Open a New Location?
The excitement of a dealer opening a new location is second to none. But when the excitement has worn off, is it really the right decision for your dealer? In session eight, Bob and Sara will walk you through the seven questions you need to ask your dealers before they open a new location.

Session Nine: Train the Trainer: Teaching Sales Skills at the Dealership
Sure, as a salesperson, you know sales skills, but knowing sales skills and teaching sales skills are two different beasts! In this session, Bob and Sara will walk you through specific sales training you can do at the dealership level to help turn order-takers into salespeople.

Sessions Ten–Twelve

Session Ten: Are Your Dealers in Balance?
Can your dealers withstand anything that may come their way? When we look at what dealers can withstand, it typically comes down to the balance of the dealership as a whole and the revenue coming from each department.

Session Eleven: Cross-selling Your Way to Increased Sales
Two of the most powerful tools you can use to increase sales are bundling and cross-selling. In session eleven, Bob and Sara will give you the tools that allow you to create packages that will improve your dealer’s margins and help eliminate competition.

Session Twelve: Safeguarding Your Dealers
Most dealers are only two to three mistakes away from having to close their doors for good. During this session, Bob and Sara will walk you through the most common liabilities that they see inside of dealerships and give you ways that you can bring up the conversations that you need to have!

Maybe you don’t have to recreate the wheel
in training your field sales team.

We’ve already done the hard work.


Per Field Salesperson

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