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You’re The Problem (and The Solution!) Book


Discover proven habits that will help you reclaim your sanity, your life, and your dealership!


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Have you ever wondered why some dealers are in a never-ending, all-consuming stream of struggle day after day, while others seemed to be successful regardless of what happened to them or their dealership?

Interested to know what separates the dealers who are just trying to survive from the ones who are truly winning?

Join Bob Clements and Sara Hey in their exciting new book, You’re the Problem (And The Solution!), as they reveal the seven habits that profitable dealers consistently exhibit.

  • Reclaim your life?
  • Reclaim your sanity?
  • Reclaim your dealership?

This must-read book shares the real-life stories of dealers who moved from being the problem to becoming the solution. Plus, the seven habits are detailed so that you can start applying the habits in your own dealership.

Don’t delay! Order your copy of You’re the Problem (And The Solution!) today.

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