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  • Dealer Toolbox

    From: $85.00 / month
    100’s of tips, tools and templates for you to use in your dealership. BCI brings the daily tools you need to you in training videos, on-line resources and downloads. BCI on-line webinars and support materials offer a library of learning right at your fingertips. $795/year or $85/month ($1020 per year) The BCI Dealer Toolbox is a 12 month subscription. You may opt for a Monthly Repayment Plan which is a self-service option that fulfills your annual registration investment price of $795, as well as processing and handling fees for this convenience. Each month you will be charged $66.25 for access to the Toolbox, plus $18.75 per month convenience/processing charge. Your total monthly payment on this plan is $85 per month for a period of 12 consecutive months. This is not a month-to-month contract, but instead a monthly payment for the total 1 year investment price. See our Terms and Conditions here.
  • Dealer Success Groups

    $529.00 / month
    Dealers receive direction, training, and resources each month through Dealer Success Groups©. Working to implement processes in their store, dealers receive 1 on 1 consultation, department specific training, participate in monthly management meetings and discussion boards, and have full access to the BCI Dealer Toolbox & on-line training.
  • Tune-Up Visits are designed for dealerships who are familiar with the BCI service and parts processes and who are willing take the next steps in implementing the BCI System in their store. During the 2 ½ day on-site visit, the dealership will work with a BCI Advisor in training and implementing the BCI Processes. This may include working with compensation packages, answering questions regarding service and parts processes and assisting with management and employee issues.

    Only a 10% retainer is required at time of purchase** Upon processing of your transaction, a member of the BCI team will contact you to arrange invoicing for the remaining balance, and to schedule your visit. If you would like to pay the entire balance in one transaction, please email or give us a call.



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