What is success?

  • After years of struggle, a dealer turns their dealership around and finally breathes a sigh of relief
  • A thriving service department consistently generates a significant stream of income and creates a positive customer experience.
  • The ability to reach your goals, establish new locations, expand markets & product lines, and seamlessly transition your business to the next generation.

Our desire is to have a positive impact on you and those around you.

The impact of our programs goes beyond just owners and managers because a business that is well-ran and profitable impacts the employees who work there, their families and the people in the community. We love that our roots are firmly planted in the small towns across North America, and that we are able to continue it today with business people who have planted their flag on Main Street USA.

Our Organization is made up of a group of awesome people.

As a team, the people who work with you and represent BCI have an incredible amount of experience, expertise in working with dealers and dealer networks, a commitment to excellence and the desire to walk alongside people just like you.  Plus, we like to have fun!  Our company is headquartered in Kansas City, MO, the home of the reigning Superbowl Champs, The Kansas City Chiefs, the KC Royals, and Sporting KC.

Our focus is to provide cutting-edge resources that help dealers improve efficiencies, increase profits and eliminate chaos.

We do this three ways:

  1. Live events such as Regional 1-day Bootcamps, Live-stream Parts Training, On-site Dealer Visits, National Meetings, Tradeshows and Expos
    (come meet us at the GIE+EXPO!)
  2. Dealer Success Groups  which provide live, on-going consulting and training for all departments of your dealership, all with no travel required!
  3. On-line resources such as the BCI Dealer Toolbox © and Service Manager Certification©

Our goal is to bring best practices to the industry

We leverage every form of technology and innovation possible to make what we offer affordable, accessible and relevant to you and your business.

We operate on three core values: excellence, integrity and performance.

Deliver every product and service with excellence

Maintain a high standard of integrity and

Work to assist our dealers and manufacturers in achieving success.