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Dealer Advisors can be contacted via email or phone number provided in your entry email. If you have lost this information, give us a call, or email info@bobclements.com.

At the time of scheduling your visit, an email will be sent to you detailing the dates selected, as well as the advisor coming to your location. Keep this email for your records. If you cannot find the email, don’t worry! Give us a call at 800.480.0737 and any member of our team can look up the information!

You have two great options for renewing your Toolbox subscription. We can send you an invoice to be paid online or by mail, or you can process the renewal online by clicking here

If you are scheduled to participate in a monthly Dealer Success Group meeting and misplace the date, please contact Emily Jordan at Emily@bobclements.com.

All invoices and financial questions can be taken care of by our Human Resources and Finance Advisor, Natalie West.  Give us a call or email her at Natalie@bobclements.com.

All packages are shipped with insurance through the USPS. Give us a call at 800.480.0737 and we can start the replacement process.