It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that men and women are different. Women make or influence, over 80% of all consumer purchases, and spend about $5 trillion annually! So, how do you close these sales? You must first understand the factors that play into a woman spending her money with your business. The biggest factor? Trust. Within the first 8 seconds of meeting someone, a woman will know if she is or isn’t going to trust the person. The fact is, if a women doesn’t trust you, she won’t be making a purchase from you. So, how do you go about encouraging trust from a female customer?

  1. Talk with her, not at her. Ditch the pitch! Have a real conversation, and show her the authentic you.
  2. Respect and relate to her. Treat her as the equal she is! Start by actively listening to her and engage her in the process.
  3. Understand. Learn where she is coming from, and why she needs the equipment she is looking at. Feed back what you’ve heard to ensure you understand fully what she is needing and wanting.
  4. Solve with her.  Focus on helping her find the right piece of equipment that best fits her needs.
  5. Appreciate her education on the item. In today’s age of social media, anyone can compare items via the internet. The majority of women do their research before stepping foot into your business. Understand she most likely has educated herself on what is available and has a sense of what piece of equipment will best work for her.


When selling to women, deal with them on a genuine, personal level, and focus on creating relationships, rather than creating sales. If you do that, the sales, and referrals, will follow!