Webinars are the answer to many problems in the training world. These easy to use classes that create a fun and engaging way to deliver complex information. It is not necessary for everyone to be in the same place for this training, as users just have to have internet access to sign in. As a whole, webinars are a cost-friendly and effective way to train employees.

When trying to convey information, it is vital to think over the delivery method. If not thought out, the information may not be well understood. When used as a training method, webinars are interactive, engaging, and creative. They allow managers and owners to track who has attended, and they also make sure every new hire is thoroughly trained. Visual learning is known to be the best learning method in humans and is utilized with videos, PowerPoints, question and answer columns, and detailed explanations from a live voice. Information can be broken down into small sections and worked through at a pace appropriate for each individual.

Webinars can be recorded, and attendees and future staff can have access to this information as needed. If an attendee feels he is not being properly trained, he can choose to go back through the training webinar and become more well versed. Recordings of these webinars do not cost the dealership anything and ensure information is readily available if any staff member needs to refer back.

Every business we work with is concerned about the cost of training, but as a whole, webinars are very cost effective. It is a well-known fact that in business, time is money, and using a manager to continually train employees can be quite costly. A webinar only needs to be recorded once, and you can even create several versions tailored to different skill sets or job positions.