Avoiding Chaos

I recently heard a fireman share how he & his fellow firefighters work to avoid disaster. He explained that the best way to deal with a serious problem was to be proactive in order to eliminate or minimize the problem before it occurs. His department invests their time in doing regular checks on the businesses in the area to make sure they are up to code, that the fire extinguishers are working and in the [...]

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Keys to Successful Training

Working with businesses across the country, we have seen every form of training imaginable. While each dealerships’ training process is different, all successful businesses have incorporated three things into their training programs: Consistency: Variety may be the spice of life, but consistency pays the bills. Having a repeatable training program is key to the long-term sustainability of a dealership. If your Training Plan is dependent upon one or two experienced people to train new employees, you’re [...]

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Training Through Live Training Events

Within your company, a manager or owner most likely trains new staff members on what they need to know, but how do you extend your own knowledge to your staff? In this generation, training seminars and conferences are a very popular way to train employees. With a hands on approach from a professional in the industry, attendees are given an education that cannot be replicated in house. Also, who doesn't like the opportunity to get to know and [...]

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Training via Webinars

Webinars are the answer to many problems in the training world. These easy to use classes that create a fun and engaging way to deliver complex information. It is not necessary for everyone to be in the same place for this training, as users just have to have internet access to sign in. As a whole, webinars are a cost-friendly and effective way to train employees. When trying to convey information, it is vital to [...]

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