What’s the first thing you do everyday? If you are anything like me, you sit down at your computer and look through your emails. Most of the time, I have an excessive amount of emails, but I’m only interested in a small amount of them.

When your dealership sends out emails, it is important to grab the attention of your customer or prospect – making sure that your email is one that they are interested in reading.

So, how do you make your emails standout and encourage your customers to read them? Over the last few years at BCI, we have worked to make our mass emails something that you want to open. Here are a few things that we do at BCI to set ourselves apart.

1. Let your personality shine through.
At BCI, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. If you were to walk into our offices in Kansas City, you would see sarcastic quotes and sayings on our walls, hear jokes about what bad taste our co-workers have in music, and you would smell coffee, lots and lots of coffee. Now, if you receive our mass emails, you may not get exactly the same vibe, but our goal is to always help you understand that we never take ourselves too seriously. We are a family business who is passionate about helping you succeed. Everything we do is centered around this.

How do you let your personality shine through? Make sure that your personal touch is communicated in everything you do. What makes your business unique? What makes you different than the business down the road that sells the same thing? That is what needs to be communicated to your customers constantly. Put “you” in the email message.

2. Give useful information.
It’s important to know what your customers are interested in and send them information that lines up with that. Sure, a promotion every now and then can be useful information, but the goal of mass emails is to provide value — added information that they won’t get from your competitors. By sending information that helps them achieve their goals, you will be able to stay in front of your customers on an ongoing basis, and they will look forward to your emails!

3. Keep your branding consistent.
When a person receives a mass email from you, there should be no question that it is coming from your business. Your branding, which is anything that you use to represent your business, should have the same look across all platforms. This means using the same color palates, the same font, and the same images.

I would encourage you to find a graphic designer who you can partner with to help with this. We have found someone that we use exclusively and she has elevated everything we do. It’s okay that this isn’t your specialty, but it’s important to find someone who helps keep your branding consistent.

Every piece of information that you send out reflects your business, and it’s up to you and your team to make sure that your business is represented in a way that grows your loyal customer base.