Expanding Your Marketing List

I was recently visiting with a dealer about how to expand his marketing list. He was excited to start putting more time and energy into marketing his dealership, but he didn’t know where to start. If we are looking for an easy place to start, that costs us nothing, let’s focus on growing our marketing list by utilizing our own customers. This is [...]

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The Parts Department Target Market

One of the most common misconceptions dealers have is what type of person actually represents their target market or customer. Often, a dealer thinks their typical customer is someone just like themselves; but that is rarely the case. Just to be crystal clear, in most cases you (or someone just like you) are not your target market. To better determine who you should [...]

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Marketing- Where To Begin

“I’m trying to put together a marketing schedule, where do I even begin?” a dealer asked me after a recent National Dealer Meeting. It can be overwhelming to decide where to spend your marketing money. The stakes become even higher when you don’t know what you are trying to achieve with the budget. Spending marketing money to spend marketing money is a bad [...]

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Parts Department Marketing

Each department in your dealership requires a different marketing plan. While some of your customers may cross over from department to department, the fact remains that each department offers a completely unique product. While all of the marketing in your dealership needs to be cohesive, we also have to understand what we are trying to market by department. What should you market? When [...]

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Using Positioning and Differentiation to Strengthen Customer Base

Most people know I like to have fun when training and I work to get everyone, whether they are in service, parts or sales, to understand the dealership has one purpose which is to make obscene amounts of money. Each person on your team should understand that there is nothing wrong with the dealership making great profits. This is accomplished by not only [...]

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Avoiding Common Sales Mistakes

In spite of the various shelter in place orders by the states, most of our dealers are finding their year is either just slightly off of their projections or on target with what they were hoping for. While that is good news for the industry, no one knows exactly what the late spring and early summer might bring. That’s why every customer that [...]

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Phone Basics in Your Dealership

With everything that is currently going on in dealerships, nothing is more noticeable than the phones ringing off the hook. With each state, county and city having their own individual rules on social distancing, showrooms being open, or parts being delivered curbside, the phone has become once again the lifeline we have to connect with our customers. I thought because of that it [...]

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When to Add/Drop a Line

As we work with dealers, one conversation that comes up often are the product lines that a dealer carries. For many dealers, the lines they carry can easily become their identity. They put so much effort into making sure that the brand is known and respected in the community. A struggle typically emerges when a dealer starts thinking about bringing on an additional [...]

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Maximizing Your Co-Op

For most of the dealerships we work with, marketing is one of the biggest areas of confusion. It’s always clear to me that most, if not all, dealers didn’t start their dealership because they loved putting together a good marketing strategy and then implementing it. No, most dealerships view marketing as a necessary evil. They know they need to spend money on marketing [...]

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COVID-19: Be Calm. Be Informed. Be Proactive.

During this uncertain time, know this --  YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  We share a connection with thousands of dealers across the country, and the world, who are having an experience similar to yours.   Everyone is asking the same questions; questions that begin with, “Should I…”, “Can I…”, and “How do I…” We are navigating through this together.  You are not alone.  Stay connected. [...]

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