Avoiding Chaos

I recently heard a fireman share how he & his fellow firefighters work to avoid disaster. He explained that the best way to deal with a serious problem was to be proactive in order to eliminate or minimize the problem before it occurs. His department invests their time in doing regular checks on the businesses in the area to make sure they are [...]

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Should I Add A Second Location? Part Two

Are you still considering expansion? If you’ve decided that you have someone to manage your current location and that you can dedicate yourself to managing the new location, you’re ready for the next two questions. My goal is to challenge your thought processes on why you would want to add a second location, and the risks that might occur should your decision to [...]

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The Nuts and Bolts of Technician Pay

In the compensation programs we recommend, the tech is paid an hourly rate based on their level of experience and the dealership location. For example, in the Midwest, a C-level tech might make $8-$10 dollars an hour. A tech in the Boston area, however, might need to be paid $14-$16 per hour. You know your area and what you have to pay to [...]

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How Do I Determine My Labor Rate?

One of the most common questions we are asked at BCI  is "How do I determine my labor rate?"  For most dealerships, the process of setting a labor rate begins with calling all the competitors in the market, asking them what their labor rate is and then making sure that they are somewhere close to the competitors. In our company, we jokingly refer [...]

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What Will Happen to the Business?

When someone starts a business, they don’t always have the end in mind, but the end will always come. Complexities are inevitable when someone’s time ends at a company, especially if family is involved. One of the areas that can cause the greatest areas of conflict in a family business is what happens to the business after the current generation retires. I often [...]

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Become the Calm in the Storm

If you could add a feature to Google maps, what would it be? Hands down, mine would be an estimator of how long it takes to get somewhere with kids in the car. Seriously, if you have kids or have taken a child anywhere, you know that it takes almost 50% more time to get anywhere with kids. It is about having realistic [...]

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Dealing With Difficult Customers

When visiting with owners & managers, I like to ask them how they got started in their business.  The stories I hear are diverse & interesting but typically most of the reasons they give have some commonality to them.  For example, some started their business because they saw a need in their community, others began because they were passionate about the product or [...]

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4 Ways Surveys Can Benefit Your Business

A few weeks ago, my husband and I were out with our kids at a restaurant chain. The whole experience was wonderful, and, with two five-year olds and a one-year old, to have a positive experience from start to finish is the equivalent of winning the lottery. Specifically, our waitress was fantastic. She was a true professional, knew what we were going to [...]

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Customer Loyalty Programs

One way to generate new customers and while maintaining your current customers is through a Loyalty Program at your dealership. Think about how many stores have a “shopper card” or a “preferred customer” program. These stores are marking up prices on items to be able to give discounts on other items. We all understand that, but it makes the customers feel like they [...]

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Dear BCI…I have a question…

Each week, for the month of July, we are taking your frequently asked questions and answering them! At the end of the month we will also have a Live Interview to answer additional questions that we receive over the next 30 days. So, let’s get started by covering a question we received about abandoned equipment. Jennifer reached out and asked the following questions. [...]

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