In just about every retail store, you will find endcaps. An endcap is a display for a product that is placed at the end of an aisle.  Those products placed on an endcap will sell at a much faster pace than products not on the endcap.  By focusing on your endcaps, you can quickly and inexpensively improve the appearance of your retail area and increase sales. So, how do you create an endcap in your dealership?  Here are 4 great pieces of advice when contemplating your endcaps.


  1. Keep endcaps safe

Your first concern should be safety. If yours is anything like most of our dealerships, children and adults of all ages are frequently in and out of the showroom. Ensure that anything on display is safely pushed back away from the edge, or secured with individual shelf clips. Shelves should be secured to the floor or wall, to prevent leaning or falls. Remember to check OSHA codes and regulations when displaying anything hazardous, chemical or flammable.  A safe business is a successful business!


  1. Stay organized

Simplicity is the best way to approach organization of an endcap. Keep one or two items on display with their labels clearly shown. Attach a large enough sign to market your items and draw attention to the endcap. Keep in mind what your endcap will look like after items are purchased. Large items on display will leave large holes, making your shelves look barren. Dedicate time, each day, to keep endcaps stocked and in order.


  1. Visible Pricing

There is nothing worse than seeing an endcap with an item you want, and not knowing the price. One can assume that it’s on sale or involved in some sort of special (end caps normally display hot ticket items or sale items) but needing to take the item to an employee to find the price can seem bothersome. Make sure that items are clearly priced, with a name label on the price to dictate which item the price is referring to.


  1. Utilize shelving

Endcaps are generally made up of multiple layers of shelving to display items in an organized and clear way. Stacking individual products without shelves can create the domino effect when a customer takes an item and that can lead to injuries or large messes. Start at the top of your endcap and work down while adding shelves. Measure between each shelf to make sure you have enough space for your items. If you are hanging items on pegs along with your shelves, leave an inch between hanging items and be sure to keep them in a straight line. Adjust the row and spacing until there are no gaping holes or product overhang.


Especially during these busy months, invest time each day by keeping your endcaps stocked and looking great!  Remember, you only have one opportunity to make a good first impression when a customer comes into your store – make it a good one!





Vanessa Clements

Dealer Development Team- Dealer Toolbox Management