Last week we talked about setting yourself apart from the Big Box stores. One way to do so is by showcasing your dealership. The easiest and most effective way to showcase your dealership is through your businesses signage.

The most important aspect of an outdoor sign is to grab someone’s attention- almost like a magnet pulling a customer toward the store. The more recognized the name, the more people that will be attracted to your dealership. Branding your dealership will ingrain your name into the minds of your customers, making them feel comfortable when working with and purchasing products from you.

I have found that signs serve three main functions:

  1. They inform people of the brands you carry and who you are.
  2. They encourage people to stop in, buy things and ask for help in parts, service or sales.
  3. They engage people in the products we carry.

Take time to evaluate your signage.  Is it in good condition?  Is it eye-catching (in a positive way)?  Do your signs need maintenance or refreshing?  Remember your signs reflect and project your image.  Be sure that your signs inform people of who you are and what you offer.

Inside your store, do your signs give direction on where a customer will find what they might be looking for? At a minimum, be sure to have signs for each department and the public restroom.  When walking into a dealership for the first time, people look around to “get their bearings”.  Each person wants to have a sense of where they are at and where they need to go; this helps customers feel confident and at ease in your store.

While we are on the topic of signs,  it’s a great idea to have signs on and around your equipment that let the customer know it’s OK to touch it and try it out. There is nothing that will break if a customer touches it, so encourage them to do it. Once they are looking at a piece of equipment, show them how to start it and check the oil and fluids. This starts the process of making them think like owners. Why do you think car dealers encourage people to do test drives or people who sell guitars get them in the hands of people who want to be rock stars? They are encouraging them and engaging them and that is what makes sales happen.

Making a good first impression starts with the signs outside of your dealership.  Make sure your signage reflects the image and branding you want to project.