The market is competitive and every customer is important.  So, how are we supposed to standout and capture all the business we can?  Well, we know that several things can help with this but the most important is setting yourself apart and you do that by “wowing” the customer through excellent customer service.

 Did you know that 78% of consumers have bailed on a transaction  because of a poor service experience?  That means that almost 80% of all consumers will refuse to make a purchase due to not being “wowed” in your business. Let that sink in.  Setting yourself apart from your competitors and providing excellent customer is important! So, how do you “wow” your customers and set yourself apart from the competition? Simple. Provide legendary customer service, competitive pricing and stand behind your work. Let’s look at these three key components.

Customer Service

The simplest customer service skills are the most important ones. Being patient, attentive and knowing your product will start every conversation in a positive frame of mind. Even a frustrated customer can be calmed with these traits. An employee’s ability to use positive language and a slow, controlled demeanor will provide customer service that will grow customer relationships and loyalty.

Pricing vs. Customer Experience

When asked, the majority of customers will say the price of an item or service almost always affects their final decision. So, how do you keep your margins up and not run off potential sales?  At BCI we often quote Bob who says “We want customers to leave your dealership saying your prices were a little higher than the competition, but your service was great!” In order to do this, you have to manage inventory well, so you have what the customer needs when they need it, provide prompt and friendly service and create an atmosphere where the customer looks forward to returning.  Remember, when striving to “wow” your customers, you don’t always have to be the cheapest. Compare your prices with others in your area and find a place in the middle. People are more than happy to pay for quality products and a quality experience.

Stand Behind Your Work

This may have happened to you.  You purchased an item or brought in a piece of equipment for repair, and then, when you got it home, realized the work wasn’t done correctly. Not properly handled, these situations can be a business killer. Everyone in your dealership, from the top down, need to adhere to the value that we own our mistakes and stand behind our products & services.  Customers prefer working with a business that owns up to their mistakes and that is willing to take steps to correct them. In fact, customer relationships can actually be stronger after a problem than before if handled well. Do you have a guarantee on your service work? If so, make a point to post this in your dealership so you can bring another level of confidence to your valuable customers.

Standing out in a crowd of competitors and “wowing” your customers is no easy task. Working to implement these three components to provide great customer service will help you be the first choice for your customers in your area!