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When to Spend Money to Create More Sales

I was recently working with one of our Dealer Success Group members, and they asked the question “How do I know WHEN to spend our marketing money?” That is a great question because the seasonality of a dealership can dramatically affect when you spend your marketing money. Here are three [...]

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How to Plan Your Marketing Budget

“Do you have a marketing plan for the year?” That’s the question I recently asked dealers during a Dealer Success Group meeting. Sure, it seems simple, but if you have ever dipped your toe into the world of marketing, you know that there is a lot more complexity to the [...]

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Setting Your Parts Department up for Slow Season

As we continue this series of articles on how to prepare your parts department for slow season, I want to take a moment and have you focus on the importance of adjusting your parts inventory.  Outside of you selling off your paid for wholegoods inventory, nothing will produce more instant [...]

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Setting Yourself up for “Slow Season” Success!

Pre-season, season, post-season, and… slow season. Regardless of the type of equipment your dealership sells, at any given point of the year, you’ll find yourself in one of these seasons. Slow season may have a bad reputation, but it’s important to understand that slow season is not all bad. Although [...]

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Avoiding Chaos

I recently heard a fireman share how he & his fellow firefighters work to avoid disaster. He explained that the best way to deal with a serious problem was to be proactive in order to eliminate or minimize the problem before it occurs. His department invests their time in doing [...]

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Employee Performance Reviews

My husband and I recently had some of our friends over for dinner. We were enjoying Kansas City barbeque on our porch while all the kids played in the yard. Through the course of the evening, we talked about a lot of things ranging from our kids, our plans for [...]

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Should I Add A Second Location? Part Two

Are you still considering expansion? If you’ve decided that you have someone to manage your current location and that you can dedicate yourself to managing the new location, you’re ready for the next two questions. My goal is to challenge your thought processes on why you would want to add [...]

By | June 14th, 2018|Management|

Should I Add a Second Location? Part One

Should I Add A Second Location? Part One Business is booming, loyal customers are keeping you busy, and you ask, “Is it time to expand?” While there are a lot of factors that come into play regarding the question, and there is no one right answer for every situation, my [...]

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