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Position Highlight: Service Writer

Week two of our Service Department position highlight brings us to the Service Writer. The service writer is one step away from the service manager’s role. They take over the customer contact role of the service manager and in smaller service departments, also handle warranty claims. There is nothing more [...]

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Position Highlight: Service Manager

For the month of November, we want to highlight the different roles in the Service Department. This week - the Service Manager. The service manager is a role that is often misunderstood. In many dealerships, the service manager was a great tech who no longer wanted to do repairs, so [...]

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Your Marketing Questions Answered!

Our final FAQ Blog will be covering two of our most common marketing questions. Check out Sara Hey’s advice below! If you have any questions you would like answered, send them to! What percentage of sales should be spent on marketing?W There is a simple rule of thumb in [...]

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Your Hiring Questions Answered

Week 4 of our FAQ blogs is provided by Natalie West, HR/Finance & Talent Consultant for our BCI team. She has included links to some great articles for reference. Let’s get started: What do you do if you hired someone and they don’t show up?  The key to any employee [...]

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Your Questions Answered

This week Jeff Blackton took some time to answer three popular questions. If you have a question you would like to submit, send it to We are always happy to help!  What process seems to break down fastest when things get busy? Triage. When service departments get busy, it can [...]

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Your Management Questions Answered

Continuing to provide answers to our Frequently Asked Questions, Bob Clements took some time to answer two popular questions. If you have a question you would like to submit, send it to We are always happy to help!  Is there a percentage of markup considered for lot rash or [...]

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Your Service Questions Answered!

For the month of October we are taking YOUR questions and answering them via our Blog! This week we are highlighting Service Technicians, with answers provided by our On-site Dealer Advisor Brian Clements. Let’s dive right in to the questions! “Do most techs own their own tools?”   Yes. Most shop [...]

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Creating a Marketing Budget That Works

What does a marketing budget look like for a dealership? If you’re like most people I talk with, you’re having one of two reactions. The first reaction I get is that when I say the word “budget” the first group says, “No! Not a budget!” However, when I mention a [...]

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