How to make money in service year-round!

What is your Service Department turn-around time right now? If your answer is more than "one week," you need to start making your off-season service plans! Check out the video above as Sara Hey explains how to stop busy season back-up and keep your service department scheduled all year. Need marketing materials but don't know where to start? Check out our BCI Dealer Toolbox, which has a full tab for marketing. [...]

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The marketing secret to make your dealership more money

When considering marketing during your busy season, you must practice proactive marketing, not reactive marketing. How do you set up a proactive plan? Start with three simple questions: What are we marketing? What is our budget? What outcome do we expect? We have templates and marketing tools in our Dealer Toolbox. Check it out here!

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Negotiating without losing margin

What can you do to set yourself up for success? Sell the full experience! Take the time this month to decide on sales packages before Summer starts so you can promote them through your marketing! Sara explains how to negotiate sales packages without risking cash flow! Are you wondering what the first step is to help your Sales Department crush its goals? Let Bob Clements train your sales staff with our online Sales [...]

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Minimize Service Department backlog with high volume days

Picking a weekday dedicated to basic servicing jobs allows your dealership to communicate with your customers directly and sets your technicians up to be efficient through repetition. Are you wondering what the first step is to make your Service Department more efficient? The Bob Clements International Dealer Toolbox includes our Flat Rate Guide! A tool designed to help you price your Service jobs more efficiently, you can access the Fat Rate Guide for [...]

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Parts Pricing That Can Make You Money Today!

When was the last time you evaluated your parts margins? Increasing your margins on parts can open up valuable income for your dealership, allowing you to better support your employees. Need assistance deciding on the margins that best fit your dealership? Give us a call at 800.480.0737.

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How to move equipment through Service at record speed!

How do you move equipment through your Service Department more efficiently? Triage! To remove the bottleneck of waiting for parts, make a habit of triaging each unit as they enter your dealership! The BCI Flat Rate Guide in our Dealer Toolbox makes this process even faster! Check it out here.

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Determining your labor rate in 2024

Was your Service Department ever scheduled out over two weeks last year? If your answer is "yes", it's time to raise your labor rate! While balancing "Preferred customer pricing" for valued customers and updated labor rates for new customers, you can make your Service Department a lean, mean money-making machine this year! Is your Service Manager ready for Bob Clements and Sara Hey to train them? Check out our Service Management Certification! [...]

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Q& A: How do I determine my labor rate?

When it comes to determining your labor rate, you must establish how much you need to pay your employees before you start to determine how much you need to bill customers hourly. Check out the video above for Bob Clements' tips for determining your labor rate. Need additional training for your Service Department? BCI’s Service Manager Certification is the perfect way to train your Service Manager! You can get started here.

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Q& A Series: How do we keep PDI/entry-level techs excited and engaged?

2024 has kicked off, and Dealerships across the country are outlining their goals for departments and employees. One question we get this time of year is "How do we keep PDI/entry-level techs excited and engaged?" Check out the video above for Bob's tips on how to grow your entry level employees into your best A-level technicians! Job descriptions for our different levels of technicians are available in our Dealer Toolbox, which you can subscribe to [...]

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