Should I Still Be Marketing if I Can’t Get Inventory?

Item mentioned: Consignment agreement: Not long ago, a dealer came up to Sara and asked if they should be marketing even though they had minimal inventory on the lot. Sara's response? Yes, but it's going to look a little different. In this vlog, Sara shares specific steps you can take to market your service department and your parts department while sharing how to bring units in on consignment. In addition, she shares how manufacturers [...]

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How Should I Grow My Business- Video Blog

   Things we ask dealers when they are weighing the option adding a location: 1. Can you walk away from your dealership at season, and still have it operating as if you were there? 2. Can you cash flow a second location without pulling cash from the first location? 3. Will your second location take any customers from your first location? 4. Will you be able to take all of the lines from your [...]

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Follow Up to Close More Sales – Video Blog

As I work with salespeople in our Dealer Success Groups, I always find it interesting that in most cases the biggest difference between the top salespeople and those that are struggling has little to do with product knowledge or closing skills.The biggest difference is in following up with customers who you have quotes out to, who haven’t decided to make a purchase yet, or who have purchased from you or someone [...]

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