Q&A Series: “How do we keep a positive culture in the Service Department?”

Culture issues in the Service department almost always start with the *gasp* Service Manager! The first step to getting a positive culture in the Service Department is to have a trained and excited Service Manager leading your team. BCI's Service Manager Certification is the perfect way to train your Service Manager! You can get started here.

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Q&A Series: “I know my gross profit- now how much can I pay my employees?”

You have done the work. You know your gross profit and you're ready to determine each employees pay rate. Check out the video above for our simple process that keeps cash in your pocket while also paying your employees fairly. If you need to calculate your gross profit, our calculator is in the Dealer Toolbox, under the Management tab.

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Are you billing correctly in your Service Dept?

One of the questions we routinely ask our Service Managers is: "are you pricing your Service jobs correctly?" In our shops, we don't do work by the hour, but by the job. Using an "A Level" tech's work orders, price your service jobs off their billing efficiency. Need help pricing your jobs? Our Flat Rate Guide is the tool for you! Housed in our Dealer Toolbox, the BCI Flat Rate Guide takes the guess [...]

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Salary caps for technicians

How much can you pay a technician in your service department? In this excerpt from Service Manager Certification, Bob Clements shares the importance of salary caps in your Service Department and how that translates to how much you can pay a technician. Register your Service Manager here- https://tinyurl.com/2p84z85t

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Top 5 Products from the NHS

We can all agree that the National Hardware Show was AMAZING! Sara Hey took some time and compiled her Top 5 products from the event below. You don't want to miss these! Parts Department: Collapsible Crates to Move Parts to Service: "I got to see this firsthand at the National Hardware Show. In our Parts to Service process, we always set the techs up with work for the next day, the night before, by [...]

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Where Can I Find Technicians?

The search for qualified Service Technicians is not for the faint of heart. Dealership owners and managers struggle with the issue of finding, compensating, and keeping service technicians in their dealership. Sara Hey, of Bob Clements International shares how to determine how much you can pay technicians, how you can partner with the local VA and Military recruiters as well as maximizing your job postings to bring you the best candidates. [...]

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