Q&A Series: Do we really need an Employee Handbook?

You didn’t start your dealership because you love HR, but my guess is that as your Parts, Service, and Sales departments grow, so do your headaches with the people in your dealership. One of the most powerful tools you have, as you work with people, is an Employee Handbook because it creates clarity for every single person at your dealership (yes, that includes you!) There is no need to reinvent the wheel; we [...]

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Q&A Series: “How do we keep a positive culture in the Service Department?”

Culture issues in the Service department almost always start with the *gasp* Service Manager! The first step to getting a positive culture in the Service Department is to have a trained and excited Service Manager leading your team. BCI's Service Manager Certification is the perfect way to train your Service Manager! You can get started here.

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Q&A Series: “I know my gross profit- now how much can I pay my employees?”

You have done the work. You know your gross profit and you're ready to determine each employees pay rate. Check out the video above for our simple process that keeps cash in your pocket while also paying your employees fairly. If you need to calculate your gross profit, our calculator is in the Dealer Toolbox, under the Management tab.

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The Three Interview Questions that You Need to Ask

In the midst of our current hiring environment, it's more challenging than ever to not rush through the interview process. Just because someone has a pulse and can fog a mirror does not mean they are the right person for our team.Sara Hey, with Bob Clements International, shares the three questions that her team uses as they help find and hire, technicians, parts people, and dealership salespeople for the members of their Dealer Success [...]

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Where Can I Find Technicians?

The search for qualified Service Technicians is not for the faint of heart. Dealership owners and managers struggle with the issue of finding, compensating, and keeping service technicians in their dealership. Sara Hey, of Bob Clements International shares how to determine how much you can pay technicians, how you can partner with the local VA and Military recruiters as well as maximizing your job postings to bring you the best candidates. [...]

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3 Common Pitfalls in Hiring

It’s probably no surprise to most owners and managers, but typically, the biggest expense in a dealership are the people you employ. In the heat of the battle, when you feel the pain of needing another set of hands, it can be easy to justify adding another body to the dealership and another person to payroll. However, as you approach slow season, you may find yourself questioning the decisions you have made around adding the [...]

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The Nuts and Bolts of Technician Pay

In the compensation programs we recommend, the tech is paid an hourly rate based on their level of experience and the dealership location. For example, in the Midwest, a C-level tech might make $8-$10 dollars an hour. A tech in the Boston area, however, might need to be paid $14-$16 per hour. You know your area and what you have to pay to get a technician at the various levels, so adjust accordingly. In the [...]

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Energizing the Next Generation

Many of you are just like us: a family business. Maybe your kids aren’t in the business yet, but you hope that one day they will be. When I joined BCI, I did it because I needed a job. It wasn’t because I was necessarily passionate about what I was getting ready to do, but I was passionate about the paycheck I was going to receive. You see, being a part of BCI wasn’t my [...]

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Dealing With Difficult Customers

When visiting with owners & managers, I like to ask them how they got started in their business.  The stories I hear are diverse & interesting but typically most of the reasons they give have some commonality to them.  For example, some started their business because they saw a need in their community, others began because they were passionate about the product or service they provide, and some simply stumbled into it!  However, in the [...]

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