Q& A: How do I determine my labor rate?

When it comes to determining your labor rate, you must establish how much you need to pay your employees before you start to determine how much you need to bill customers hourly. Check out the video above for Bob Clements' tips for determining your labor rate. Need additional training for your Service Department? BCI’s Service Manager Certification is the perfect way to train your Service Manager! You can get started here.

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Q& A Series: How do we keep PDI/entry-level techs excited and engaged?

2024 has kicked off, and Dealerships across the country are outlining their goals for departments and employees. One question we get this time of year is "How do we keep PDI/entry-level techs excited and engaged?" Check out the video above for Bob's tips on how to grow your entry level employees into your best A-level technicians! Job descriptions for our different levels of technicians are available in our Dealer Toolbox, which you can subscribe to [...]

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Q&A Series: Can I make more money using a self checkout for my fast moving parts?

Can you make more money using a self-checkout in your Parts Department?  Well, the answer is tricky. Click the video above to hear Sara Hey's best advice on how to set up a self-checkout that makes your dealership more efficient.  Unsure how to price your Parts? We use the Average Parts Margin Calculator (exclusively in the Dealer Toolbox) to do the math. You can sign up here.

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