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The Game of Dodgeball and What it Says about your Personality

I hate losing! So much so in fact, that if you were to ask my brother what it was like to play a board game with me growing up, he would roll his eyes and tell you the stories of how I was terrible of a loser. This wasn’t just a pout in the corner. This was quit-in-the-middle-of-the game because there is no way I was going to win and then I refuse-to play-with-him-again mad. While I still hate losing (and refuse to play any board games,) I am glad to report I have become a more graceful loser.

My fierce competitive spirit was the same when it came to middle school dodge ball. While I know for many just the words “dodge ball” elicits chills running up and down your spine, and not the good kind. It’s the kind that spreads fear and dread through you. However, I have found that the way I handled dodge ball tells me a lot about who I am today. It also tells me about the type of employees that I want to surround myself with as a team.

Think back to middle school and you are in the gym, the P.E. teacher blows the whistle and everyone runs to grab dodge balls then you take your place. Where do you go?
A.    Are you the person who is standing in the middle of the group talking to your friends?
B.    Are you standing as close to the wall as physically possible?
C.    Are you up at the front line throwing the balls as hard as you can?
D.    Are you the one who comes up with a plan to win that you follow at all cost?

You are probably thinking, well I fit a few of these. That is okay, I just want you to pick the one that you MOST relate to back in the day.

Group A.  If you get hit by the ball because you are standing in the middle of the group talking, you are a High I or Influencer personality. You are a goldfish. You know everyone in the office, are typically the life of the party and head up the party planning committee. You are able to shape your environment by influencing or persuading others. You do a great job at making everyone feel included and can start up a conversation with a stranger and be best friends by the end of it.

Group B.  If you are the person who is standing as close to the wall as physically possible and has nightmares about being hit by the dodge ball, you are a High S or Steady personality. You are the golden retriever. You are loyal and want to avoid conflict as much as possible. You are the person that when conflict does come up in the office, you want to go make sure everyone makes up as soon as possible, so that things will be back to “normal.” You are great at working with others to make sure a task gets completed with as little conflict as possible.

Group C. Next are those people on the front lines of the dodge ball game. They are the people who get “out” the most. You are my people. This group is called the High D or Dominant personality. The animal that most describes us is a lion. If you need something done regardless of the ramifications, it is in your best interest to find someone who is a high D personality. On the flip side, often when they do take charge the ramifications can be like an atomic bomb detonating.

Group D. Those that answered D, are the people who make sure that every rule is followed. If you could opt out of playing and be the referee, that would be your dream. They are High C or Compliant personalities. If you are a High C, then you might relate to an owl. You thrive on quality and accuracy in everything that you do. You are the one who gathers, criticizes, and test all the information that you receive to come up with the best plan.

Interviewing best practices at BCI:  Every person who gets to the interview stage at BCI is required to take a personality assessment. In addition, we take time to create a benchmark of what type of personality would be the best fit for specific roles in our company. Understanding personality types has helped us come a long way in relating to each other as a team and gives us specific parameters to look for when we are ready to bring on an additional team member.

If you are interested in having your current team or potential hires take a personality assessment, email  Contact her by July 29th, and she will send you a link for one FREE assessment!”


Sara Hey

VP of Operations, BCI