Every day, we visit with dealers who have questions about our Ribbon Process. How does it work? What do the colors mean? Our process is simple. Place the correct ribbon color on the machine you are working on to signify to yourself and others in the dealership, what stage the machine is in for its repair or service. So what do these colors mean?

Red– The tech has not yet looked at the piece of equipment.

Blue– The technician has looked over and evaluated the piece of equipment, but continued work is postponed until all parts have been received. This is also the color to use when you still need customer approval before continuing.

Yellow– You have started working on the piece of equipment, but it now needs more parts, or more approval, from the owner.

Black and Red Striped- In one word: Dangerous. Do not move without a technician’s permission.

White– Dead on Arrival. The customer does not want to repair the machine. It is trash.

Keeping up with the Ribbon Process we implement in dealerships is the hardest part, but once you get the hang of it and when it is used correctly, the entire dealership will benefit from the improved organization.