You have worked through writing out a comprehensive job description, now how do you find that potential new employee? Where you post your “Now Hiring” Ad is important. Here are 3 ways you can market your job opening: on the internet & social media, physical signs & notices, and through print avenues like newspapers and magazines.

The internet and social media pages.  The internet & social media is at the top of our list and is the first place you should consider advertising. In this day and age, the internet is a simple and efficient way to market. Nearly every home in America has internet access to some degree, and when asked, most people say they will initially check the internet for job listings. You can post listings on your business Facebook page, Twitter account and LinkedIn pages, and then venture out to websites like Indeed, Craigslist, and Monster. All great places to post your job opening!

Physical “Now Hiring” signs. If you have a door to your dealership or a parts counter, you already have a couple of great places to display your job opening. Using your computer, print off a “Now Hiring” sign, with the job title and who they should contact. Make sure to add in how they apply for the opening, as in “Contact Dave to apply.” Libraries, local coffee shops & restaurants, home improvement stores, post offices and town halls all have bulletin boards to put up ads. These are great resources to take advantage of and most, if not all, are free to you.

Magazines and Newspapers. Even though social media is popular, magazines and newspapers are still a hot commodity for those looking for job listings. While not a free option, the investment for an ad is minimal and the range of people it reaches is high. Make sure to have someone spell check your ad before posting it, and check the address and phone number of your dealership. You don’t want to miss a great candidate because your listed phone number was incorrect or the name of your business was missing.”


Dealer Development Team