When it comes to parts, most people don’t think about them until they need them. Therefore it is critical to be at the front of your customers’ minds when that need arises. One of the easiest ways to do that is to set up parts displays in your showroom near your equipment displays. While the customer is looking at new equipment, they are not thinking about parts at that moment. However, a display conveniently located near the equipment will burn an image into the customer’s mind so when they do need parts, they think of your dealership.

Don’t forget about the value of the endcaps on your shelving. That’s a great place to keep fast moving parts that the customer can pull themselves, such as oil, filters and plugs. In most cases, make sure that the parts on the endcaps are faster moving parts that match the season that you are in. If it’s mowing time, have parts on your endcaps that go with the mowing season. For instance, display a good selection of mower blades so that customers can pull their own instead of waiting in line at the parts counter. If it’s spring, build service kits, or in the winter, display skids, shear bolts and belts for snow blower customers. In addition to what you stock, appearance is everything when it comes to displays. There is nothing worse than displays that are dusty, disorganized and poorly stocked.

Every day, someone at the parts counter should be responsible for taking 30 minutes to reset the displays, making sure they are clean, organized and “fronted.” Fronting is the process of making sure that items are pulled forward. This makes your shelves look organized and full and easier for customers to select what they need.

Fronting the inventory also makes brands show strong and proud on your shelf. While it seems like it wouldn’t make a big difference, take some time to walk into a mass merchant store and walk the aisles. Look at how they place their product, the pricing and the signage. Why do they do this? Because it’s proven to help them sell more product. Taking that little time each day to make sure your shelves look right will add valuable dollars to your store’s bottom line.