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3 Overlooked Sales Secrets

There is still time to tune-up your selling skills before season slows down.  Here are three overlooked secrets that can have a big impact. Greeting The first few minutes of your initial contact with a customer are crucial. Like building a house on a cracked foundation, it’s a lot more difficult to have a positive sales experience if you don’t start out on the right foot. Based on the initial moments of the greeting, impressions [...]

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Follow Up to Close More Sales – Video Blog

As I work with salespeople in our Dealer Success Groups, I always find it interesting that in most cases the biggest difference between the top salespeople and those that are struggling has little to do with product knowledge or closing skills.The biggest difference is in following up with customers who you have quotes out to, who haven’t decided to make a purchase yet, or who have purchased from you or someone [...]

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Using Positioning and Differentiation to Strengthen Customer Base

Most people know I like to have fun when training and I work to get everyone, whether they are in service, parts or sales, to understand the dealership has one purpose which is to make obscene amounts of money. Each person on your team should understand that there is nothing wrong with the dealership making great profits. This is accomplished by not only having great employees but also working to keep customers coming back every [...]

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Avoiding Common Sales Mistakes

In spite of the various shelter in place orders by the states, most of our dealers are finding their year is either just slightly off of their projections or on target with what they were hoping for. While that is good news for the industry, no one knows exactly what the late spring and early summer might bring. That’s why every customer that comes into your dealership is more valuable than ever. As I work [...]

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Phone Basics in Your Dealership

With everything that is currently going on in dealerships, nothing is more noticeable than the phones ringing off the hook. With each state, county and city having their own individual rules on social distancing, showrooms being open, or parts being delivered curbside, the phone has become once again the lifeline we have to connect with our customers. I thought because of that it might be a good time to go back over some of the [...]

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COVID-19: Be Calm. Be Informed. Be Proactive.

During this uncertain time, know this --  YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  We share a connection with thousands of dealers across the country, and the world, who are having an experience similar to yours.   Everyone is asking the same questions; questions that begin with, “Should I…”, “Can I…”, and “How do I…” We are navigating through this together.  You are not alone.  Stay connected. * Connect with other dealers.  Having candid conversations about the struggles we [...]

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COVID-19: Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers

We visit, each week, with 100’s of dealers across North America who are working to navigate the stormy waters of the Coronavirus and the aftermath that will come, we are encouraged with the grit and determination we see in you.   We know you are determined to equip yourselves with the facts.  You are determined to lead your employees with strength and a hope for a brighter future.  And you demonstrate the commitment required to innovate [...]

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Service: Check-In Process

As season begins to heat up, it’s a perfect time to make some adjustments to your service processes that might have gotten a little rusty during the winter months.  As you know, profitability in the service department happens from following a good process and holding your people accountable to it.  Every process has a beginning; a first step that makes all the other parts of the process work.  In service, the first step of the [...]

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Take Time to Evaluate Your Insurance this Year!

While I don’t know of many owners that are excited about paying for insurance, in my years of experience working with dealerships, insurance is one area that most owners fail to evaluate properly each year based upon ownership changes or changes in increased or decreased levels of risk. While it might be tempting to evaluate insurance based upon the cost of the policy, it’s just as important to make sure that you have the right [...]

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