Great sales people aren’t great because they know everything possible about the products they sell. They are great because they have the ability to transfer the excitement for the product to the customers interested in the equipment they are selling. While it’s important to know as much as you can about the equipment you sell, that alone won’t help you increase your sales. Your goal is to present your products in a way that creates excitement and enthusiasm from your customers and motivates them to buy all they can from your dealership.

Both the image you create and excitement you generate are important elements in creating sales. The more confidence you have in yourself and knowledge of what you have to sell, the more customers will be drawn to do business with you.

Take time each day and look at your sales area from an objective viewpoint. Is your showroom clean and inviting? Is your desk cleared of all clutter and mess — allowing plenty of room for only the items necessary when meeting with a customer? Are chairs available for customers and is your children’s play area clean of stains and dirt? Are the restrooms clean and fresh? Every day, you need to make sure the area where your potential customers walk into isn’t cause for them to walk away. Your store is an extension of you and your brand and it makes a quick and lasting first impression.

Now let’s take a quick look in the mirror. I realize this may be hard and you may have to get some help from someone with a “discerning” eye for this. Be sure that your shirt is ironed. You don’t need to overdress, but you must look professional, clean and approachable. Professional image also includes language and manners. And if you might be driving a customer somewhere occasionally, then it includes your vehicle. Do all you can to make a great first impression.

Next, let’s focus our attention on your materials. Do you have your brochures and printed materials located in an accessible and visible area? Your excitement for your product lines will be evident in how you display materials and products. Make sure that you have displayed information that is up-to-date and reflects the products that you carry. Also, make sure that your printed materials, including order forms or note pads, are not stained with grease or coffee. Once you have your showroom and work area in great shape, take a few minutes to walk outside and make sure it is also ready to showcase your products in a way that will invite potential customers to come and take a look. For instance, is the outside area free of trash and clutter? If I were driving by, would I be enticed to pull in and take a look? If not, get busy cleaning!