Last week, I went to the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas. I always enjoy going to industry shows. There is something about the excitement in the air that always leaves me energetic and optimistic about the state of the industry we are in.

While I was at the show, they have a special section called the inventor’s corner. Think Shark Tank meets the dealership world. It was incredible. As I was talking through some of the things I saw with my team, someone mentioned that I should share some of my favorite products that I saw, that in my opinion could benefit the dealers we work with.

As a disclaimer, all of these thoughts are my own thoughts and none of the products are sponsored. I just think they are cool and thought you might as well.

In the inventor’s corner, there were a few products that stuck out to me that could benefit you as a dealership.

IncrediBottle – IncrediBottle is a safe mobile gas can that Velcros onto Outdoor Power Equipment and Power Sports equipment. The owner and inventor, Caleb, used to be a landscaper and he would run out of gas while on a job. He realized he could make a fuel reserve that would attach to the equipment so that he wouldn’t be in this situation.

This could be a great upsell for many of the dealers we are working with. The product is currently in presale but should be in the market soon. For more information check out the website here.

Firmhorn – Frimhorn is a powerless, industrial sweeper. Bob and I had actually met Robert a few years ago and the GIE +EXPO when this product had just hit the market, and we both thought it was a cool product. As the product has evolved, it has even gotten better in my opinion.

This is a great tool for keeping your service department clean. It can pick up anything from a pop can to dust, and it’s fun to use. For more information on the Frimhorn sweeper, check out their website here.

Haultail – Haultail is an Uber-like delivery service for small businesses that need to transport things. They have a group of drivers with trucks available, and all drivers are fully insured and not on your payroll. They are able to do pick up and delivery on a wide range of products.

As of my conversation with them at the show, they are in Hawaii but have some aggressive plans to expand into the Continental United States soon. This, for many of our dealers, would be a great way to take some of the risk off yourself and allow someone else to do the driving for you. If you would like more information, check out their website here.

W.A.S.P Gutter Mounted Sprinklers –  W.A.S.P. Gutter Mounted Sprinkler attaches to your existing gutters and utilizes a basic garden hose to help protect your dealership in the case of a fire. This product, developed for a local fire department, has been installed and utilized across thousands of business and homes to help as a stop-gap measure for fires.

Many insurance companies are also giving discounts on insurance, with the installation of the system. As you think about ways to protect your physical dealership location, I recommend that you look into this system. You can check out their website here.

I encourage you to find a show or expo near you in the foreseeable future and make a plan to attend. This not only will allow you to feel remotivated about your industry but also help you find new ideas to help move your business forward.