About Sara Hey

In 2011, Sara joined the BCI team to help build social media and marketing efforts. Soon after, she began taking on the management of special events such as GIE +EXPO and the BCI Manager Boot Camp. Today, Sara also assists with the daily operations and product development at BCI. Working with companies in the OPE, AG and Power Sports industries, she oversees the development of customized training programs for their dealers. And, in keeping with the mission of BCI, she consistently works to create new training materials and programs that can be delivered to dealers in affordable and accessible ways. Sara is an engaging and commanding speaker and will share proven ways to help you gain and retain exceptional employees. She has a passion for helping small businesses, and that translates to everything she does. Sara is a graduate of North Park University where she earned a degree in Psychology. After living in Chicago for several years, she and her husband, Austin, now reside in Liberty, Missouri with their three daughters. In her spare time, Sara likes to participate in kickboxing, read and spend time with her family.
Energetic – Personable – Competitive

Special Report- The National Hardware Show

Last week, I went to the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas. I always enjoy going to industry shows. There is something about the excitement in the air that always leaves me energetic and optimistic about the state of the industry we are in. While I was at the show, they have a special section called the inventor’s corner. Think Shark Tank meets [...]

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Sales: Your Marketing Dollars Put to Work

Who is your typical customer? Do you know? Grab a piece of paper and write down the answers to the following questions about your “typical” customer. What is their gender? What is their average age? What is their favorite radio station? Got it? Now, next to that I want you to write your gender, your age and your favorite radio station. Do the [...]

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Your Marketing Questions Answered!

Our final FAQ Blog will be covering two of our most common marketing questions. Check out Sara Hey’s advice below! If you have any questions you would like answered, send them to Vanessa@bobclements.com! What percentage of sales should be spent on marketing?W There is a simple rule of thumb in dealerships when it comes to how much you should spend on marketing. If [...]

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Creating a Marketing Budget That Works

What does a marketing budget look like for a dealership? If you’re like most people I talk with, you’re having one of two reactions. The first reaction I get is that when I say the word “budget” the first group says, “No! Not a budget!” However, when I mention a budget to the second group they say “Yes, a budget! Where has this [...]

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When to Spend Money to Create More Sales

I was recently working with one of our Dealer Success Group members, and they asked the question “How do I know WHEN to spend our marketing money?” That is a great question because the seasonality of a dealership can dramatically affect when you spend your marketing money. Here are three important factors to keep in mind. Have a good understanding of your room [...]

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How to Plan Your Marketing Budget

“Do you have a marketing plan for the year?” That’s the question I recently asked dealers during a Dealer Success Group meeting. Sure, it seems simple, but if you have ever dipped your toe into the world of marketing, you know that there is a lot more complexity to the question than meets the eye. I got my start with marketing when I [...]

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Avoiding Chaos

I recently heard a fireman share how he & his fellow firefighters work to avoid disaster. He explained that the best way to deal with a serious problem was to be proactive in order to eliminate or minimize the problem before it occurs. His department invests their time in doing regular checks on the businesses in the area to make sure they are [...]

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Employee Performance Reviews

My husband and I recently had some of our friends over for dinner. We were enjoying Kansas City barbeque on our porch while all the kids played in the yard. Through the course of the evening, we talked about a lot of things ranging from our kids, our plans for the next month and the TV shows we had been watching.  Before long, [...]

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Management Basics- Meetings

Sure, you know you need to have meetings with your team but how in the world are you supposed to do that in the crazy world of a dealership? As we work with dealers, we find there are a few different meetings that need to happen. 1.Management Meetings You may be the only manager in your dealership, or you may be an owner [...]

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Management Basics: Difficult Employees

One of the greatest headaches of any owner or manager is a difficult employee. A difficult employee can take something you love and turn it into something you dread and make a negative impact on your other employees and customers.  So why do you have difficult employees and what can you do about it? The problem has not been addressed. As we work [...]

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