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Sara’s journey working with dealerships started when she was young by providing child labor packing VHS training tapes for dealers across the country. In college, she studied psychology, which has been a huge benefit working in her family’s business as well as with family owned dealerships over the last 10+ years. Now, Sara spends her time speaking at conferences around the world and working with both manufacturers and dealers to achieve success.
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Expanding Your Marketing List

I was recently visiting with a dealer about how to expand his marketing list. He was excited to start putting more time and energy into marketing his dealership, but he didn’t know where to start. If we are looking for an easy place to start, that costs us nothing, let’s focus on growing our marketing list by utilizing our own customers. This is the easiest, least expensive, and most ethical way to grow your list. [...]

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The Parts Department Target Market

One of the most common misconceptions dealers have is what type of person actually represents their target market or customer. Often, a dealer thinks their typical customer is someone just like themselves; but that is rarely the case. Just to be crystal clear, in most cases you (or someone just like you) are not your target market. To better determine who you should be marketing to, take a step back and ask yourself these questions [...]

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Marketing- Where To Begin

“I’m trying to put together a marketing schedule, where do I even begin?” a dealer asked me after a recent National Dealer Meeting. It can be overwhelming to decide where to spend your marketing money. The stakes become even higher when you don’t know what you are trying to achieve with the budget. Spending marketing money to spend marketing money is a bad plan, but these are the steps I walked through with the dealer. [...]

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Parts Department Marketing

Each department in your dealership requires a different marketing plan. While some of your customers may cross over from department to department, the fact remains that each department offers a completely unique product. While all of the marketing in your dealership needs to be cohesive, we also have to understand what we are trying to market by department. What should you market? When we think about what we are marketing in our parts department, we have to [...]

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Setting Up Commercial Accounts To Generate Additional Revenue

For many dealerships, the commercial accounts that you service lack a dedicated and effective process.  Your commercial accounts may include a golf course, a landscaper, a larger farmer, or a local government or municipality. Regardless of who it is that you are servicing or what your commercial accounts look like, there are three keys we see in dealerships who demonstrate on-going success when handling these accounts. Commit to 8 touches a day The very first [...]

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Maximizing the Space in Your Dealership

Regardless of the size of your dealership, it always seems like space is at a premium. The set up and flow of your dealership is pivotal not only to your cash flow, but also to your customers’ experience with your dealership. Some of the dealerships we work have 1000 square feet while others have over 20,000 square feet or more!  No matter the size, we often hear: “We don’t have enough space!” Regardless of the [...]

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When to Add/Drop a Line

As we work with dealers, one conversation that comes up often are the product lines that a dealer carries. For many dealers, the lines they carry can easily become their identity. They put so much effort into making sure that the brand is known and respected in the community. A struggle typically emerges when a dealer starts thinking about bringing on an additional line or removing a line. How do you know it’s the right [...]

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Maximizing Your Co-Op

For most of the dealerships we work with, marketing is one of the biggest areas of confusion. It’s always clear to me that most, if not all, dealers didn’t start their dealership because they loved putting together a good marketing strategy and then implementing it. No, most dealerships view marketing as a necessary evil. They know they need to spend money on marketing to increase their sales, but they don’t even know where to start, [...]

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Active Listening 

Have you ever noticed that the more someone feels unheard, the louder they get? I have three young children and I see this every day. My kids are constantly competing for attention and in the midst of trying to be heard, the volume in our house rivals that of Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. It seems so counter intuitive, but my guess is that you see this same thing play out every day, not only [...]

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Creating a base of documentation in our dealerships typically causes the dealers we work with quite a bit of stress. Simply the idea of taking the time out to make sure the paperwork is in order can be incredibly overwhelming. As you think about the different ways you can provide increased clarity with documentation in your dealership, I would challenge you to start with just one area. Tackling all of the areas simultaneously may seem [...]

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