One of the most common misconceptions dealers have is what type of person actually represents their target market or customer. Often, a dealer thinks their typical customer is someone just like themselves; but that is rarely the case. Just to be crystal clear, in most cases you (or someone just like you) are not your target market. To better determine who you should be marketing to, take a step back and ask yourself these questions about your typical customers.

  1. What is the gender of your typical customer? I want you to think about who the typical decision-maker is during the purchase of the product.
  2. What is the age range of your typical customer? Are they: 25 or under, 26-40, 41-55 or 56+?
  3. What is their favorite radio station? Do they usually listen to country, top 40, oldies, or another station?

While we cannot completely understand our target customer through these questions, it begins to move you in the right direction.

How do we relate to the different generations? 

Each generation requires us to market to them differently. When we understand who the target customer is, we can put a plan together based upon their generation.

Let’s walk through how you would be successful with a direct mail campaign by generation.

  • If you have ever had a customer say, “Why don’t you just pick up the phone and call me.” You are probably working with a baby boomer. When thinking about a marketing strategy to reach this group, you will have success with a direct mail piece followed by a phone call.
  • Generation X can be reached most effectively through a combination of emails and text messages. Send them a direct mail piece and follow up with a text message or email 3 days later.
  • Millennials like to be texted and made aware of your promotions through social media channels. Make sure you are texting this group 3 days after the direct mail piece should have arrived and after it has been mentioned on your social media accounts.
  • Gen Z wants your marketing to integrate into their lives. After sending the piece, find ways to integrate where they already are. Investing some of your marketing money into very targeted ads on platforms like Spotify is a smart move with this generation.

While each generation is different, you can use one piece to reach all of them and plan a follow up in a way that will reach them most effectively.

 Where can you find people who are like your current customers? 

Once you identify who your target customers are and how to effectively engage them, I want to challenge you to work smarter. Find other people similar to your current customers and start looking for ways to reach them and convert them into new customers.

By understanding who your target customer is and by developing a plan to reach those people, you will see increased effectiveness and improved results in your marketing campaigns.