We can all agree that the National Hardware Show was AMAZING! Sara Hey took some time and compiled her Top 5 products from the event below. You don't want to miss these!

Parts Department:

Collapsible Crates to Move Parts to Service:

"I got to see this firsthand at the National Hardware Show. In our Parts to Service process, we always set the techs up with work for the next day, the night before, by putting parts in tubs and then by their bay. When I saw these, a light went off, these not only give us the ability to see what’s in them, but they are collapsible and made for a professional environment! If space is an issue in your dealership, these could be a great way to keep parts flowing to the techs and maximize your space."

Total Tech Tape

"What would be the value in your dealership if you could add an extra $5 of profit to every customer who walked up to your parts counter? One of the coolest products I saw that met the needs of parts customers was Total Tech Tape. I’ll let the video speak for itself. If you want to give it a shot, there is an amazon link above, but they also have bulk order programs for your dealership!"

The SawHaul

"There are times when you see something, and it just makes sense. That’s how I felt about the Sawhaul. The SawHaul allows you to mount a chainsaw onto just about anything. As I talked to the team at the show, they shared story after story of upsells and sales made because the Sawhaul was attached to a unit. I know what I’m getting my dad for Father’s Day! Above is a link to Amazon to see it for yourself, but if you would like to connect with the team about carrying SawHaul, reach out to them here."

Phone Apps

PinPoint Status

"How do your customers know that you have someone on the way to them for pick up, delivery, or repair? For most dealerships, you either give them a broad timeframe, or it requires you to give them a call. When I saw the PinPoint status app, it made sense to me! It’s like the uber for pick up and delivery for your dealership. You can tell your customers when they can expect you for a low monthly investment (less than $20/month/month/location)!"


"Ready to start tracking time in your service department but don’t have a complete business management software? BusyBusy is a great place to start. Done on their cell phones or a tablet, you can have your technicians clock in and out of work orders seamlessly, allowing you to pick up additional revenue in your service department."