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How Should I Grow My Business- Video Blog

   Things we ask dealers when they are weighing the option adding a location: 1. Can you walk away from your dealership at season, and still have it operating as if you were there? 2. Can you cash flow a second location without pulling cash from the first location? 3. Will your second location take any customers from your first location? 4. Will you be able to take all of the lines from your [...]

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Professionalism: Product Knowledge

As an owner or manager in a dealership, you are often viewed as an expert in the product that you sell and service, and rightfully so. You know more about the details of the product than just about anyone else. When thinking about conveying professionalism in your dealership and selling your brand, it’s important to not undervalue the power of the knowledge. People come to your business because you are the expert. Think about the [...]

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Embrace Your Mistakes!

As I was talking to a dealer last week, he and his wife were lamenting on the mistakes they had made over the years in running their dealership and how they wished they could turn back the clock and have a do over. While I am sure most of us in life would like to do some things differently, the reality of where we are at has to do more with the mistakes we made [...]

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Hiring for the Parts Department

Not just anyone can be picked off up the street and be placed at the parts counter. There is a mix of customer service, technical knowledge, sales ability, and attention to detail required to be an excellent parts person. So, when you are in need of the mystical parts person, how and where do you find them? With season upon us, there never seems like there are enough to go around. We often talk about [...]

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