Keep Your Parts Department Running Smoothly

The parts department is one of the most complex parts of any dealership.  There is the constant balance between having enough inventory on hand to meet the demands of both the service department and counter customers, but not having too much inventory that just sets on a shelf tying up precious dollars. Establishing great processes in your parts department will help set up [...]

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Do You Really Need To Add Another Parts Person?

Here is a riddle I would like for you to solve. What is the one thing you always think you don't have enough of, but always end up having too many? The answer? Employees at the Parts Counter! You know the drill during season. You are at the parts counter, all the phones are ringing, a service tech is burning valuable time, and [...]

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Determining Your Fastest Moving Parts

Parts inventory should be one of the simplest areas to manage, but, like golf, simple doesn’t always mean easy. For starters, most dealers have way too many parts on hand. Years ago, when transportation wasn’t what it is today and manufacturers were not as efficient, it might have taken 30 days to get the parts needed to do repairs. As a result, dealers [...]

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