4 Ways Surveys Can Benefit Your Business

A few weeks ago, my husband and I were out with our kids at a restaurant chain. The whole experience was wonderful, and, with two five-year olds and a one-year old, to have a positive experience from start to finish is the equivalent of winning the lottery. Specifically, our waitress was fantastic. She was a true professional, knew what we were going to ask for before we needed it and was wonderful with our kids. While she got a huge tip from us, I even thought for a second about asking for the manager to tell her how wonderful she …Read More

3 Overlooked Sales Secrets

As you begin to move into the season, it’s a perfect opportunity to spend a little time tuning up your sales process. Here are 3 key items to keep in mind as we move into peak sales season.


The first few minutes of your initial contact with a customer are crucial. Like building a house on a cracked foundation, it’s a lot more difficult to have a positive sales experience if you don’t start out on the right foot. Based on the initial moments of the greeting, impressions will be formed quickly, a tone will develop, chemistry will or won’t develop, …Read More

Setting Yourself Apart from the Big Box Stores

With manufacturers jamming more and more dealers into a marketplace, your product lines are no longer a unique advantage. Big Box stores are now picking up lines of equipment that have in the past only been available at select dealerships. To set yourself apart from the business down the road, you can no longer rely on your brands. You have to work to create a unique experience that your competitors can’t easily duplicate.

1. Understand what makes you different and unique
People will pay more for what they perceive as different or unique. Why would a vase from the Ming Dynasty of China …Read More

Principle 4- Define the Process

An Excerpt from "The 7 Principles of a High Performing Dealership"

The more you can repeat an action the better you become at performing that action.

As an owner or manager, you do not want there to be variability in your processes. Take McDonalds, for example. When they hire an employee to make fries they are not asking for their interpretation on the process. They do not ask if Sally, the fry maker, would like to have a say in the fry seasoning process. They use pictures and make the process as simple as possible. Sally’s interpretation of the fry making process …Read More


An Excerpt from "The 7 Principles of a High Performing Dealership"

Negotiation is about preparation, and nothing is more important in the process of negotiation as the creation of packages you can use to negotiate with. Depending upon the distance between you and a prospect and the type of equipment you are selling, you might need a package that is worth a few dollars—up to several hundred dollars. As an example, if you are selling a chain saw , then you need to have a low-dollar negotiation package that might represent something like a small card good for a six-pack of …Read More

Making a Good First Impression

Years ago, all stores looked about the same, and customers didn’t have much of an opportunity to compare one to the other. In today's world, like it or not, the days of being just "okay" are over. Potential customers immediately make a decision to do business with you based upon the exterior of your dealership.

From the very beginning, it is important to make the experience with your dealership as painless as possible. This includes making sure your customers can see your store hours posted on your window from their car, and that your lot is properly lit. Based upon various studies conducted over the years, a little …Read More

Using Your Service Department as a Selling Feature

Unfortunately, there is no magic formula to attract new service customers. With the possible exception of first-time buyers, owners of equipment who are not your customers are either using another servicing dealer to take care of their equipment, or in many cases, handling the basic services themselves. In today’s world, with margins consistently dropping on whole goods, and the internet pulling parts sales out of many stores, it’s more important than ever to make your service department attractive to your customers and to those hundreds of other customers that may have purchased equipment from another dealer or mass merchandiser.

To pull …Read More

Handling Objections to Close the Sale

Your price is too high!” “It costs too much!” “I can get a better price from a dealership down the road.” “You’re going to have to do better than that.”

Objections are a natural part of the selling process. Do not be terrified of objections; embrace them. As you work with a prospect, understand that as he begins to move from thinking about a purchase to having a genuine interest in buying, it is only natural that conflict will arise in his thoughts. That conflict is what we call an objection, and our job is to help the customer by knowing …Read More

Selling to Women – Ditch the Pitch!

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that men and women are different. Women make or influence, over 80% of all consumer purchases, and spend about $5 trillion annually! So, how do you close these sales? You must first understand the factors that play into a woman spending her money with your business. The biggest factor? Trust. Within the first 8 seconds of meeting someone, a woman will know if she is or isn’t going to trust the person. The fact is, if a women doesn’t trust you, she won’t be making a purchase from you. So, how do you go …Read More