Using Goals and Objectives to Motivate Your Parts Salespeople

One of the most important jobs of a department manager is working to keep their team motivated. In the parts department it is even more important than in service and sales because of the amount of customer contact that happens daily. One unmotivated parts person can impact both your parts sales and your customers’ experience with your dealership. One of the simplest and most overlooked methods of motivating any employee is using goals and objectives. [...]

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Is It Time to Add Self-Checkout to Your Parts Department?

As customers’ attitudes continue to change about their need to interact with a person rather than a machine, we’re faced with great opportunities to make some innovations to the parts departments in dealerships.  I am guessing that most of you have looked up and ordered an item online or perhaps have gone through a self-checkout line in a store.  Where several years ago, customers would have fought doing either, today most people do either one [...]

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3 Processes to Keep Your Parts Department Running Smoothly

The parts department is one of the most complex parts of any dealership. It serves as the first impression for many customers and has challenges that no other department will face. At times, it may even seem like an impossible task to make everyone happy. Keeping your parts department running smoothly boils down to three key processes. The Process of Having the Right Inventory on Hand A critical measurement of a parts department is to [...]

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Creating a “Wow” Experience With Your Parts Department

When it comes to parts, most people don’t think about them until they need them. Therefore it is critical to be at the front of your customers' minds when that need arises. One of the easiest ways to do that is to set up parts displays in your showroom near your equipment displays. While the customer is looking at new equipment, they are not thinking about parts at that moment. However, a display conveniently located [...]

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Hiring for the Parts Department

Not just anyone can be picked off up the street and be placed at the parts counter. There is a mix of customer service, technical knowledge, sales ability, and attention to detail required to be an excellent parts person. So, when you are in need of the mystical parts person, how and where do you find them? With season upon us, there never seems like there are enough to go around. We often talk about [...]

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Parts Inventory On Hand

Today, it makes no sense for a dealership to maintain a large parts inventory, or stock ten of the same item, because manufacturers have greatly improved their ability to get you the parts you need when you need them. Twenty years ago, it took almost 30 days to get a part, and now you can get a part delivered to you in one to four days. Think how that changes your approach to deciding on [...]

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The World of Online Parts

Online shopping has topped the charts in the last couple years, producing trillions of dollars in sales worldwide, with an average of 7% of ALL sales being made online*. In our industry, the convenience  of allowing customers to shop from home, but guarantee the parts through a reputable business name makes this side of sales a huge win for some dealers. So, what are the top 3 things to keep in mind when exploring the [...]

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Sales: The Value of a Customer

Calculate closing ratio It all starts off with some basic calculations, the first being your closing ratio. Let’s say that you kept track for a two-week period of time and found that 70 people had come into your dealership to look at equipment. Out of that group of 70, 20 ended up buying from you.  Keep in mind that the type or size of the equipment doesn’t matter, the important part is knowing the numbers [...]

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Special Report- The National Hardware Show

Last week, I went to the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas. I always enjoy going to industry shows. There is something about the excitement in the air that always leaves me energetic and optimistic about the state of the industry we are in. While I was at the show, they have a special section called the inventor’s corner. Think Shark Tank meets the dealership world. It was incredible. As I was talking through some [...]

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Sales: Compensation

Compensation, regardless of the position in a dealership, is always a hot topic.  How much can I afford to pay? What level of performance do I have the right to expect as an owner from my people? How do I know whether I am paying too much, or just as bad, not enough, and then risk losing my good people to a competitor?  While I could do a day-long program on compensation programs for dealerships, [...]

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